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New player in need of help

Hi all,

I started playing maybe week or so ago. It was fun and I was greatly enjoying it, even though it is a lot to digest right way.
Now it is becoming less and less fun. I am slowly going through kingdoms doing quests, on my 6th pr 7th one. And it is getting a lot harder. OK, I thought it should be like that, although how does it determine how hard it should be, since I can unlock kingdoms in any order? But maybe it does somehow, so I go back to Broken Spire, the first kingdom - and it is the same thing. I try to do exploration or challenges at the easiest normal difficulty, and I get level 15-18 enemies. Mine are just level 9-10, and I dont have enough cards to ascend anyone… My hero is lvl 49 though
What am I doing wrong? What did I miss? Did I gimp my hero development so that I cant progress now and cant go back to easier levels to farm souls for leveling?
Please advise. I was loving it so far, but it is hard to go on if it is more frustration than fun now…

The start of the game is painful. You’re not alone.

You should be focusing on one team that is effective, rather than spending souls to spread out. You should level that one team as far as you can. Even then, it’s likely you’ll start facing opponents in PvP or even Explore that are a little too tough for that one team. No matter how far you train a Peasant, it will never be as good as Ranger, and Ranger is never going to be as useful as Divine Ishbaala, and so on. So get focused on only spending souls on troops you know are effective.

The only answer is “get more troops” and that takes time. Less time if you join a very active guild. It can take anything from one day to several months to get a good general-purpose team, because everything depends on RNG. You won’t really be able to approach Explore matches until you have some kind of cheesy team. Look around for “newbie team” threads and you’ll find some, I forget how the Ranger team is set up but I found it nice when I was new.

I think you should probably spend a lot of time in Arena. There, all troops are fixed at level 15 and a lot of advantages higher-level players might have aren’t present. For early players, it tends to give better rewards over time than trying to win PvP or Explore. Until level 200, it actually filters out the hardest players, so it’s still early enough to be real good for you.

But join a good guild. People will be recruiting tomorrow, try to find one that suits your playstyle!

thanks for a detailed thoughtful response!
so it is a general issue with the game. I did think that there is too much information to digest right away, the learning curve is pretty steep, looks like the game difficulty climbs up pretty quickly as well.
I wish I knew which troops are effective. After playing around a bit and noticing that certain groups of troops give bonuses, I picked a human/broken spire team for some bonuses, which are insignificant now. I guess I will google for good starting teams, but that doesnt leave much room for exploring the game. What is the point of bragged about 400 troops, if you really end up using just a dozen of them?
thanks for the tip about the arena. I did it a few times, you are right - no level disadvantage there.
About the guild - what is so special about tomorrow, that people will be recruiting tomorrow?

In the early game, where you are right now, the best troops to focus on are those that will generate souls, since you need souls to make other troops more powerful. Valkyrie is a popular choice as she is easily obtainable and as a color transformer can also be used to power your other troops. If you’re lucky enough to get a Dragon Soul or Pharos-Ra then you can get even more flexible and efficient with soul farming.

Early on, Magic is a really important stat to max, so focus on kingdoms that boost Magic when they are leveled to kingdom level 10. That should be a priority for your gold. As for traitstones, try to get at least one troop with damage reduction that can be put in your front line. Later, you might be able to replace this with a Barrier or Evasion setup, or simply strong-arm your victories, but it’s great to be able to take a few skull hits and Stoneskin and friends are a great way to live through those.

Looping teams are a great choice for going up against tougher opponents. An old standby of [tank], Alchemist, Valkyrie, and Banshee will work and doesn’t require anything past Rare (except perhaps the tank); Hellcat can replace Banshee if you have it, and a bunch of other, higher-rarity troops can add nuance and fun to the team as you get them. While looping teams tend to be slower than other types of teams, they maintain board control well, and if you get some good luck, you can prevent the opponent from getting more than a couple turns in the match. This is important when you are at a disadvantage as you’d otherwise lose if going blow-for-blow.

Hope some of this is useful!


Some good starting troops:
Emperor Khovash
Ranger and Blade Dancer deal damage to all troops

Hi, @Baggs.

You’re correct in that there’s so much to digest when just starting out, and it can certainly overwhelm a newer player. The game does little to assist, but luckily, there are these helpful forums and members such as the ones that posted above. :slightly_smiling_face:

You probably already realize this now, but approaching this game like a traditional RPG is a mistake.

This is to say that just power-leveling your hero early on will not make things easier later in the game. You should probably focus on things like accumulating resources to do the things that Slypenslyde and Lyya mentioned, namely acquiring more troops and leveling up your kingdoms.

As Slypenslyde mentioned, Arena is a decent game mode for newer players, as it is more of a level playing field, and the soul rewards will certainly help you in leveling up your troops.

Might I also suggest mixing in some Treasure Hunt, as this will not gain you any experience, but will give you a variety of resources (gold, souls, glory, gems, and glory and gem keys), depending on how well you do and the RNG.

You can always come to the forums for help, as most here are more than willing to give you guidance and assistance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s some blue mana for you, too: :gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::upside_down_face:

@Lyya @Presto @TheDragonSeoul
thank you very much! I will keep an eye out for those troops. right now thought the only epic ones I have are the ones I got for completing kingdom quest chains…
DragonSeoul, I will definitely spend more time in the Arena now. Another good thing about it, I just realized, is it gives me a chance to try out troops before I even have them!
I will stick around and tough it out.
Meanwhile though a couple of general questions:

  1. so the overall game difficulty, meaning the map, the kingdoms and their quests, are tied to my hero level? I dont see what else.
  2. it seems that a good plan would be to unlock and level a bit kingdoms as much as I can, as there is really no other use for gold ATM? but more kingdoms mean more income and potential tributes, so the sooner I unlock them, the sooner it will pay off?
  3. other than Arena and treasure maps, are there other areas I can farm, where the difficulty doesnt scale with my hero level? pvp seems like a good choice too, since I can pick matches based on team power. anything else?

Yes, I believe this is true; the Explore and Quest troops will gain levels and eventually traits as your Hero gains levels. PvP “scales” insofar as you are supposed to be presented tougher opponents as your PvP score increases, but the algorithms involved are complicated enough that they’re not well-understood in the community. Consensus is though that PvP difficulty spikes sharply once at player level 200, which is a magic number at which point you’ll start to see vast gaps in power between you and your opponent.

Yes, your first priority for gold should be to level kingdoms, as when they reach level 10 you unlock permanent stat bonuses for all your troops. Priority should be: Magic > Attack > Life > Armor; don’t worry too much about Magic Mastery colors along the way as these will level out in end-game, and diminishing returns on Mastery means it won’t matter much anyway.

Challenges are not “farmable” insofar as they’ll get more difficult as you complete them, but there are so many Challenges scattered about that you should be able to do the lower tiers until you’re ready to move on. These also give souls, which is a nice benefit.

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just a little update, guys! your advice really helped - I spent these past days in pvp mostly, got tons of keys and enough money to unlock all the kingdoms now. also took a closer look at the class I was using, the warlord, and realized that champion xp only unlock the traits, which can be customized, but the class itself can be leveled like any troop - which I did to 20 right away and now it is much easier - got to pvp tier 4!
now I am gonna take a look at all the troops I got and build a better team!
can you help me what to spend thing one?
Gems - saving for an armor,
souls - leveling troops,
keys - I open them right away; any reason to hoard them? can I get something else for them later?
glory - I read somewhere that the best way to do it would be spending them on the weekly troop if I happen to like it? is that in the shop/glory rewards, with midge swarm being that troop of the week at the moment?
also, if I were to decide to spend some real money, what would be the best thing to buy to help out a new player?

Gems - saving for dragon armor. Saving up for Spider Armor first also works, if you want something a bit faster.
souls - use it to lvl the troops you really like.
keys - At your lvl, spend them the moment you get them!
glory - Yes, get atleast one ea of every weeks glory troop in the shop. Only other thing to spend glory on is keys.
real money - Deathknight armor. This will give you the most bang for your bucks in the long run. This also means you can use your gems on other stuff than armor.

Smal other thing, get the Titan hero class from Stormheim as fast as possible. This is the best hero class.


The Priest and Bard classes really help in regenerating either health § or Health and Armor (B).

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Another point: DIAMONDS
You get diamonds by being in a guild. guild events, and dungeons.
You can also get a few diamonds from doing faction events.
Your number 1 source of diamonds would be dungeons follow by guild tasks.
Save these up until you get 4,000 diamonds in order to craft mythics in the soulforge.
Start doing the first dungeon now.
The first mythic you should get is Infernus no if, and, or but about it. Period. (From using diamonds that is.)
There is a small chance you could get mythic troops from using keys or Legendary Tasks (which start after all regular guild tasks are completed.)

One final point: Tacet the Terror has many great videos for Gems of War on YouTube. Check them out.

Hi again, guys!
I am nicely moving along and enjoying it greatly again. Thanks for the support!
I switched to treasure map hunting team - got the pirate and Tyri on the team.
I have some questions and thought I would ask here instead of creating another thread:

  1. extra turns - I understand that 4 or more gem matches gets you one, but every once in a while 3 gem matches gets one too. At first I thought I wasnt paying attention, but now I am sure they do. Is that true? What determines the chance of that - totally random or something?
  2. the loading lag - any way to reduce it? I have a decent recently bought phone (Lenovo p2), and sometimes the game just hangs when I switch to something else - from pvp to overall map, or try to open troops or weapons tab.
  1. 3 gem match doesnt give extra turn. If it does it is a bug. Maybe there was some 4 match cascade after that which you didnt see? At 4x speed its sometimes easy to miss things.

  2. Memory leak. There not much the devs can do except waiting for unity to fix this. One workaround is to restart the game once in a while

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