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Tacet's "Let's Play Series" in order

I’ve decided to order all the Videos from @Tacet’s after reading him post that he thought someone would eventually gather them all in one place (why not me). So here goes

GoW Let’s Play #1: Beating Sheggra w/ Starting Troops
GoW Let’s Play #2: Clubbing with Class
GoW Let’s Play #3: Looting too much Booty
GoW Let’s Play #4: SOLO 1 VS 4 - Warlord OP
GoW Let’s Play #5: We Conquer the World!
GoW Let’s Play #6: Kingdoms and Ascension Explained
GoW Let’s Play #7: Treasure Maps Explained
GoW Let’s Play #8: Chest Hacking Confirmed
GoW Let’s Play #9: Gorgotha Revived?!
GoW Let’s Play #10: How to Draft in Arena
GoW Let’s Play #11: Level 39 vs 141
GoW Let’s Play #12: Mechanist Class + Evolved Gorgotha Questing
GoW Let’s Play #13: One Shot Soul Farming
GoW Let’s Play #14: Transitional Valkyrie Teams + Channel Update
GoW Let’s Play #15: Treasure Hunting + Facebook


Time to make the playlist and link it here. I will try to maintain the playlist for every time tacet uploads another part of his Let’s play.


Thanks Cell for doing this! :slight_smile:

It has been made for over a month now:

I also have event weeks:

And guides:


I liked his lets play when it seemed like he was using weaker units (like beginners would have) to defeat bosses of certain areas, much like his first lets play with Sheggra. Obviously you can’t cover everything perfectly because people will go after different kingdoms, but I feel like he should still be following that path IMO.

Good idea! I’ll try throwing in something like that on occasion. The main problem is that finishing Broken Spire and having Zhul’kari unlocked allows for the 2 best farming methods in the game. Anyone that finishes Broken spire can easily have their main team max leveled in 3-8 hours of doing Arena. I rushed past extremely early game a bit so I will be able to cover game content for the majority of people around level 50-200ish. For example, most of the people that made an account around the time I started the series are already level 50+, 20+ over me. I do have a guild skew, but I am trying to use it so I can cover as wide a range as possible with my lower account and then late game with my main.

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I saw in your newest video that you were trying to get a weapon for arena, does that mean you plan to make a arena video soon? That would be great for newer people, since a lot of them shy away from the 1000 gold cost since they don’t feel confident enough to win.

Yes :smiley:


Got an ETA on the most overpowered 2.0 teams?

As soon as the next overpowered troop enters the game, so the Khetar event. xD

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Which Troop are you referring to?

Neither one looks particularly powerful at all, nevermind OVERpowered

Green Seer
Settite Warrior


Templar would also work instead of Dryad, but it gives less bonuses, doesn’t have full immunity to status effects, and doesn’t have a barrier for Rowanne to use.

That’s not even the strongest Rowanne team one can make. You take Rowanne out and the rest of team crumbles with ease.

The only thing that can kill Rowanne in that specific lineup is a Great Maw. It shoots pretty much at random, so it is unlikely to kill. Most loop teams with Rowanne require Chalice, which most people don’t have.

You assume Barrier is always up. All one needs is a Direct attacker and an AoE and you are set for an easy win.

And don’t bother mentioning “on offense”, you can win with pretty much anything on offense.

Isn’t this team pretty much screwed by a graveknight or anything that devours/eats armor (Maw/Bone Dragon/Mithrani’s Will/ etc.)? It’s not a bad team, but I wouldn’t say it’s overpowered by any means, especially since dependant on getting settite to buff rowanne before you’re doing crazy damage at higher ranks. I’ll admit, I don’t know Rowanne’s starting armor at mythic with +2 armor from each armor kingdom.

Also, wouldn’t running Hero with Prismatic Orb be good for this as well? Not sure how well Dryad or Green Seer would hold as the first unit, but Hero gives mana and armor, and would be a good back up for settite Warrior. EDIT: You could also run Hero as Knight and have the +5 armor to all allies trait.

No clue, I’d need to test a couple compositions when the patch goes live. Most troops with things like armor destruction or devour do not prioritize strongest or most armor in version 2.0.

If you put that team on defence i will just goblins it up.

Bump- @Tacet’s latest video added

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Bump- @Tacet’s latest videos added

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