GoW Let's Play #4: SOLO 1 VS 4 - Warlord OP

Hello everyone! Today I win a 3 trophy PvP match using only my hero. Get that Warlord class maxed ASAP!



Another great video. I wish they were around when I started playing. I was doing everything so wrong. Definitely a great help for new and future players.


I missed the first few videos in this series. How did you accumulate so much gold and so many gems by level 20? Either you joined a very active guild, or the economy is much different from when I was starting out.

A very active guild around rank 500ish as well as the fact that I know all of the best farming methods. I’ve been doing maps like crazy too. Tyri gets 1 map or more per game at level 11+.

Got ninjad by @Tacet I was in the middle of posting about Teri grinding and maps lol

Hey Tacet!

You often mention early, mid, and late game in your videos.

How do you define those phases?

Also, at level 40, is it worth it to invest souls to level up the warlord class now?

It is always worth maxing the Warlord class.

I personally define the game as the following.

New Player: Level 1-50

Early Game: Level 1-200

Mid Game: All kingdoms are level 10

Late Game: All kingdoms are 3 stars or higher

Extremely Late Game: Most kingdoms are 5 stars and most everything is maxed out


If you need more glory (for event troops and the like) I wouldn’t sit on so many glory keys, I get on average 40-160 glory fro every 50 key bundle I open, I opened 1,200 keys in a row on Monday and proudly squired 2.5k going from 6,500 glory to 9,200 glory, I just think that it’s important for new players to know that alongs with maps, spending your glory keys is an amazing way to rank in glory and gold too

Awesome video as usual, Tacet. Fun to watch. :heart:

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