What to do now all kingdoms leveled up

So I just leveled my last kingdom to level 10. What to do now?

Get all of your kingdoms to 5 gold stars of course!

Yeah I was figuring that. That’s going to take a while

Get them to 3 Gold stars each first. Then focus on the Magic Kingdoms first when you push for 5 Gold stars

Maybe you should wait untill they start catch up pc and add 3-4 troop per week before going for 5 stars, its gonna be easier with 9 and more troop per kingdom

Actualy 6 kingdom got less then 8 troops so they can’t be 5 stars

There’s 5 kingdoms with 9 troops I think. Those are easy to 3 star. To 5 star those requires all troops level 20 and 14 traits

Yeah but if you got enough ressource 8 fully leveled and traited is enough for 5 stars but much harder then 9+ troops

Im just banking for now , i think it’s the best thing to do untill they start to release massive troops

This is a serious amount of gold. What’s the preferred way to obtain it faster? I have 2 kingdoms at 10 and it took forever, let alone the entire map. Nice work.

pvp is your best place to get gold, you can also buy armor with gems in the store to speed up thing a little bit


Oh I’ve been playing for about a year. I took a long time for me to get all kingdoms to level 10

I don’t understand.