What is the goal of this game?

Is the goal is to level up to 1000 ? Or level up all the kingdom but there still missing cards.

My level is 485.
Once I got collected all the troops (except KOS) leveled up all the kingdom.
Now, collecting and accumulating keys and gems for the chest to get one troop which is quite boring.
So, I play repeating daily PVP and Defending fights.
The problem is that the battle became quite repetitive all the way.
I guess other high level players may feel the same way.

The game developers, please give us some interesting task or new challenges for GOW asap!

Someone’s cranky…


I’m not to the point where all of my troops are level 15 yet, but I was thinking about this the other day. If I leveled a troop to level 15 every other day, In 3-4 months I would have all of my troops to level 15 then I don’t know what I would be striving to accomplish in the game anymore. Endgame is something to consider, but considering how young the game is it’s understandable that there isn’t an endgame element yet.

I’m close to level 40 and have played for 2 weeks and already losing the urge to get in the game.
I’ve only completed 3 campaigns, unlocked all kingdoms though. Free EPICs don’t seems to be that powerfull to make the unlock a must. TBH beside health and armor, their spell is most of the time weeker than the lower cards.

Basically, each Monday :

  • get all the rewards with glory from shop, since i am kinda new.
  • play PVP / Defense until rank 1, which is easily attainable by the end of the day
  • play defense (if there is any) and arena the rest of the week and wait for next Monday

Game difficulty, which already has been discussed, is on the easy side. I’ve always get the 8 wins in the arena with basically any teams. The most challenging was probably Gorgotha for WAR and PEACE, lost once and won second time at the decisive turn. That was exhilarating.

My team consists of only regular cards : Hero, Luther LVL10, Siren LVL9, Sacred Guardian LVL13
I have over 3000 souls not spent yet, i still win 98% (i guess) of the time with that. so why spend them?

This is a great game but it’s missing something to keep me hooked to it. EPIC unlock as a reward is great if only they were more attractive. (War and peace was fun because i wanted the weapon.) Arena is fun but when you win each time. PVP, there is not much point since you don’t win anything, sure you get trophies for the guild. But guild as of right now is not much.

So for the veterans here i applaud you guys for grinding to those high levels.

The point is to have fun I guess. Am on the rank 1 guild. I’ve all the troops and all of them at level 15 also all the armors. And I still playing. The game is fun it self but what I like the most is to chat with the littles kouhai-kuns of the community and give them tips and such! :smiley:


I see your point, @Zennon. But I consider it a match-3 game with extras. I like it that there is some goal behind every battle, even though I experience much the same living from Mondays to Mondays. Once I have all kingdoms levelled, and reached level 1000, I don’t know what I will do. :slight_smile:

I agree that some further ‘End Game’ stuff would be great… and I’m sure that some will come in due course… ideas have bounced around here before, like (inter alia):

  • survival modes
  • super boss modes
  • daily bounties or challenges
  • bonus quests
  • guild stuff (lots!)

Key point though is the developers have tons to work on across the game, and I guess need to have an ordered plan, so that interesting stuff is scheduled after basic stuff (with probably the odd money-making stuff mixed in!).

I have everything there is to have in the game - but still play it a lot… as it’s fun! So I’m with @Serale there…

How about some response (or even some teasers) from the team - @Sirrian or @CrowdedWorlds?

Otherwise, guys, do stick in there, would be my suggestion. @Zennon you’ve hardly touched the game content by the sound of it - I couldn’t wait to do all those quests, hear the stories, get the unlocks ('cos they were there!) and clear all challenges (again, 'cos they were there!) - it’s all fun, there’s shiny stuff to collect, then upgrade to make even shinier - what’s not to love? and even the grinding is fun - no different to all those hours we all lost to Game Boys when Tetris was new - except that we get loot and more shinies to show for it!


We’re in the process of putting the final touches on both 1.0.7 AND a new kingdom, and may very well do our first preview later this week, or early next week (no promises though - it depends on our workload, but we REALLY want to share some of the 1.0.7 stuff with you guys asap). Don’t forget that it takes 3-10 days for an update to pass through Apple though, so we’re a little ways off still!

There’s a LOT of new stuff coming, with a focus on making the game easier to understand, easier to manage, as well as more appealing & challenging for our experts. A LOT of what we’ve been doing is also setting things up for 1.0.8 too, but more about that in due course!


@Zennon it seems like this game isn’t your type of game.

I am pumped for the new update! I just put a 3 to 4 week countdown timer on in my head when I read that last post.

This news is very exciting! Can’t wait a new patch and new kingdom… Good to know the new kingdom is coming soon. I was going to open 1000 keys since I still missing one troop (KOS) but now i guess I should wait to open the chest.

@joplick I have an average of 120 trophies per week so i doubt this game is not my type. Not comparable to the tops at 600+ but pretty sure higher than average. I am not even sure how those guys manage it, lol 24/7?

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@Zennon I didn’t mean to imply that you’re not good at the game. I just meant that some people have more fun than others with different types of games and if you’re not having fun it may not be worth your time to keep playing. If you haven’t played the original Puzzle Quest I strongly recommend that game.

And it can just be people playing while doing something else. For instance, I usually play GoW while watching videos, so basically any time I go into a tv show marathon, I’m sure to win a ton of trophies that week. Just a 45 mn show means at least 3 or 4 arenas, so that’s already about 30/40 trophies for just one episode. And I second Puzzle Quest, but also Bejeweled (especially the 3rd one), or the first and second Jewel Quests too. Although if that player finds match-3 boring in the long run, it’s going to be the same no matter what game is being played.

@Archenassa How do you do arena’s so fast? It usually takes me 30-45 mins to do one!

Yes, @Archenassa. How do you?? :smile:

Well it takes usually about 15 mn to do an arena, so about 3 seems right.

30-45 min each arena? The horror! I can’t make it in 15 min like Archenessa-san but 20 min is pretty avarage max l0l.

Recently I’m only fighting thru PVP or Defence mood. Since I don’t need Soul anymore, gold seems more useful for the guild and keys as I’m still need to get one troop.
It’s pretty boring !
Hopefully, the new patch 1.07 will give me a new horizon.

I have all cards, and all on level 15. I have all kingdoms and all quest and challenges completed. My hero is on level 342 and i’m the leader of the Top-Guild “Inferno” (currently #8 in the league). :sunglasses:

My Goal is currently to reach level 1000 and in the meantime i’m waiting for the next update. I already collected over 130 Magic Keys for it and can’t wait to use them to get the new troops.

I think the goal of EVERY game is to have fun. :grinning:

And by the way: I’ve played the game already more than 900 hours and i still play it every day. :stuck_out_tongue: