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GoW Troop List needs some love!

I was unsure as to where to put this topic, so I’ll plop it here. If there is some wiser entity out there, please move it:)
ANYway, I was looking at the Troop List recently. I was looking for what traitstones you’d need for what troop, and discovered that the troops are only going to level 15, and no traits are listed!
Is anyone interested in updating this list? Considering that the consoles have at least caught up to PC/Mobile in that respect, isn’t it about time? Tagging boss like people @Sirrian, @Nex, @Mr.Strange

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Until then, you can use Lyya’s site to find any troop, weapon or kingdom information you need:


Oh, lovely. Thanks!

Welcome :slight_smile:

@Lyya did TOO well of a job on hers that I doubt anyone has the motivation to try :yum:


yes, but for the traitstones, it is an excellent site, and has been bookmarked!! ETA Learning to read slower is a skill i need more traitstones for.

Click on a Troop’s Trait and it will explain it and detail which Traitstones and how many to unlock

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Lyya’s list is outstanding. One improvement for the masses would be if there was a pop up box to help explain spell actions such as stun, burn etc. It could function the same as how traits are explained

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[quote=“Robert, post:8, topic:10718, full:true”]
One improvement[/quote]


@Lyya! Get the townfolk, time for a lynchin’!


I may have more than one!


I am derp. TY!


Anytime :thumbsup:


I can add it, if I can find a good place for it. I don’t have tons of real estate left to work with and I don’t want to clutter the space with info that most people would just skip over, so it’s a careful balance.


Would a link to a separate list of spell effects (something like your Kingdom list) be a suitable compromise?

Also, did you have your other GOW pages linked at the top before? To find your weapons list now, I have to click on the Gems of War logo at the top to get to the link banner on your root page. I was sure I could click directly to your other pages from the top of the troop list before…

I haven’t changed the layout of the site substantially since I first created it. Adding a jump list somewhere is on the list of things I keep putting off… :frowning:


Thank you - Awesome page btw.:smile_cat:

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Must be a faulty memory on my part then. It would be a nice feature to bring people to the other pages that you created. As it is, it isn’t obvious that you’ve got the other pages unless you go looking. I probably only became aware by trimming the URL to the root directory or stumbling across a link to the weapons page in the forum somewhere.

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A bit late to address this (and I covered it in the news topic) but the jump list is now persistent everywhere.

I’ve also added a toggle between PC and console settings next to the language setting in the upper right: