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Ideas For Troops- The Ultimate Collection and Inspiration

I thought it would be a pretty cool idea, and i’m not sure if it has been done before, if we post some images or comments about ideas for troops we’ve seen in other places or in other worlds of fantasy.

This doesn’t mean your idea will get used obviously, but it will be cool to see what others think would make good troops. And maybe we’ll give the Devs some extra inspiration along the way.

I will continue to update my posts of troop ideas with pictures when possible. So have at it!

A couple of my ideas so far are:


Mechanical Golems-

Headless Horseman-

4 HORSES of the Apocalypse-



Plant based troops-

Mad Hatter-


Plague Doctor-

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So, the Nephlins are just some “ghotic beardless hipsters”? :stuck_out_tongue:
The headless horseman looks like a perfect fit for a card, the style reminds a lot GoW’s art. :+1:

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You don’t know how much I hate putting that picture up, lol. There are not a lot of things on the internet that represent Nephilim since they’re pretty much godly humans lol.

But Ideas man! I know you got some good ones stored up! Post them!

Yeah i get the feeling that people will always assume that godlike creatures will always be “extremely shaved humans”… What if it’s a “Beard god”? :laughing:

Ok, seriously i’m trying to find out some pictures here to contribute, should add something shortly…

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We have a troop coming next year you may like.

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Merfolk(which I believe may be coming?)–

I really liked having “Insect people” in the game so more versions os some species would be cool, also some troops more… “South Americanish” because not everyone came out of “tolkien-european-worlds” you know… Well, the picture would be more interesting with a black hair and a skin a little darker… But i guess it ilustrates enough the point of some tribes with colorful clothes/attires, (Mayan, Aztec and such). We are already getting some more variety i know, just pointing out some good leading designs for the future.

Plants were mentioned and all, so i think it would be nice to have a Legendary Tree of sorts to be protected in some quest-line. Not sure if it would be really hard to make he code for a battle that we are obligated to have it on our team (just for that fight you wouldn’t gain a card, there wouldn’t be a card at all to obtain, just an proxie for the said battle) in the last battle and we need to defeat the “baddies” that are trying to destroy it. So we would have the favor of the Epic troop we are about to unlock we would defeat a legendary bad guy and maybe unlock a legendary weapon made of a branch from the tree.

Why we can’t have a card for the tree?
Hard to walk around with a legendary giant tree that needs to be in that forest we were helping…

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Just as I thought, great ideas! There is room for all in fantasy. I am glad you brought that up. I’m just posting examples of troops they could add, those are all open to interpretation!

That’s the beauty of this whole thing. To see what people would like to have in troops and all the different versions we could perhaps come up with.

Yeah, i think it’s an outrageous shame (:wink:) that we don’t some female gnolls yet. Not to be “that guy” and maybe some are coming in the future… BUT, i expect nothing less creative than these gracious names:

Stabeye is simply priceless to me… :joy:

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Kobolds feel like an obvious miss.

the “Nightmare” would fit nicely in Blighted Lands

The Basilisk, or any monster that could turn a troop to stone would be an interesting mechanic. Stone could work like it does in the old Final Fantasy games, where you would be as good as dead (can’t attack, use spells or take further damage) but could be cleansed. If all troops are dead or turned to stone, you lose. If you cleanse a stone troop, they come right back with the same health, armor and mana that they had when they were turned to stone.