Add Primal as an actual Kingdom that changes with the seasons


IJust thinking ahead to whenever the devs decide to release Primal as an actual Kingdom on the World Map - I think it would be a great idea for Primal to be a dynamic Kingdom that changes with the seasons. Could be everything from banners, kingdom levels, tributes and troop bonuses. Primal would change at the weekly reset of the respective equinoxes and solstices.

These are some ideas that could be considered:

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Green, +1 Life
Vernal Banner: 2G/1Bl/-1Brown
4 troop bonus: +6 Life, +1 Magic
Tribute: equal mix Gold, Glory, Souls

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Yellow, +1 Attack
Summer Banner: 2Y/1G/-1Blue
4 Troop Bonus: +4 Attack, +2 Life
Tribute: Glory

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Brown, +1 Armor
Autumnal Banner: 2 Brown/1Y/-1G
4 troop bonus: +8 Armor, +1 Attack
Tribute: Souls

Kingdom Bonus: +10 Blue, +1 Magic
Winter Banner: +2Blue/1Brown/-1Y
4 Troop Bonus: +2 Magic, +2 Armor
Tribute: Gold

We could also have each seasonal imp have a particular “perk” that would be active during its current cycle. For example:

Spring Imp - Random enemy receives double spell dmg if entangled (like Swamplash)
Summer Imp - Burn a random enemy upon spell cast
Autumn Imp - Silence a random enemy upon spell cast
Winter Imp - Freeze a random enemy upon spell cast

And we could add one additional perk, if all four seasonal imps are used and if the seasonal banner is used and the imps are in correct order for the current season (such as spring, summer , autumn, winter) then the lead imp receives Leadership bonus.

I’m sure that there would be some balance issues to consider (all that Magic in Winter perhaps?) but I would love for something like this to be implemented whenever we get our purple imp!


sounds like a lot of work on the devs but i sure do like it.


Crazy but i support it. [quote=“Emos, post:1, topic:8346”]
We could also have each seasonal imp have a particular “perk” that would be active during its current cycle. For example:

This i do not like though.
If it has a questline to collect a troop that would be nice, then have a questline for a class of hero that is human that involves s/he weapon to summon the imps.


unlock an elemental summoner class :slight_smile:


I want an elemental summoner class that has mastered all 4 elements (6 mana colors) weapon can be a third prisma weapon.


This would be really neat!

I don’t like the idea of having a special perk because that feels too unfair to the rest of the kingdoms…if they were to do something like that, they should overhaul the entire kingdoms and add perks for every single one. That would actually be a really sweet update sometime down the line…

But until its in every kingdom, I don’t think it’s fair to give one kingdom an advantage like that.

Everything else sounds really awesome!
Would definitely require a bit of work by the devs…but it would be awesome and fit in line with the special imps. I also hope they finally crack down on those crazy imps that keep appearing out of their season :wink:


This sounds fun, we might have a look into it if we find the time.


Cool idea @Emos, nice post!

Just as to when the Southern Hemisphere Dev’s have seasonal changes is another thing :wink: