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Kingdom Passives ~ New Idea

Each kingdom has a passive trait that only applies when you have four troops from the same kingdom. I feel like this could bring more strategy and variety into the game depending on how good the passives are.

Another game mode that would be cool is 5 or 6 troop teams. Make it happen!


I like the idea… you know they could even go to the point of adding them like Easter Eggs. If you build a specific team, maybe troops that you wouldn’t normally expect to be together, then it unlocks a hidden trait for that team which would appear under the bonus tab with Kingdom/Type bonuses.

That would certainly make for a fun new reason to try out unique compositions!


I love the Easter Egg idea for unexpected team combinations.

Imagine: Skeleros + Nobend Brothers + Elwyn gets you a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony hidden bonus.

This would make a great user contest that doesn’t involve designing any new troops…


This is a really cool idea, i’d love to see it happen. It’d be a great way for sirrian to further show off his pun skills too.

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Nice idea and has been proposed before. Sadly I think if it was going to happen it would’ve been done by now.

Idea has merit: team/type bonuses are pretty much irrelevant now, the stat gains are too small. They need overhauling. Larger (percentage based) numbers would help. This idea of adding extra passives would be great.

There are downsides. First, they’d need to be visible somehow in battle - we don’t want invisible effects changing the game. Maybe they can be added to the pop ups when an enemy troop is selected. Second, remember the devs tend to prioritise work that will monetise in the game. This idea would likely create a lot of complexity (read bugs) but has no obvious way to get us to spend.

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Ok, so I am offering this merely as a suggestion, but I am officially stating that I am NOT a fan of this idea.

Take the hilarious example from above:

You build said team, nothing happens, you play a game with the team, nothing happens, you win the match and you receive the EASTER EGG reward icon.

You go to your Troop Menu and there is a new Tab labeled EASTER EGGS, all of them are locked except for Bone Thugs n’Harmony which you can click on and see the bonus. It unlocks a passive bonus that has a 50% chance to cause an undead troop to become ENCHANTED. This bonus is “purchasable” for 50 gems and the bonus lasts for 24 hours.

It applies to ANY team that contains ANY undead. But in order to get the ability to unlock you have to stumble upon the team AND win with it.


Ok… maybe I don’t hate the idea…

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Everyone loves finding secret stuff. More sharing, more community discussions, more speculation - and to your point, more gem spending!