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Better team synergy

The apocalypse troops i feel need better synergy for running 4x of them. We currently do not have death, so of course it seems likely that this might change with the release of the fourth troop, however the doubt is real. As far as we know there are four apocalypse troops and they get a team bonus for their kingdom but not for their typing to which you need 3 or 4 of a certain type to activate. As such War is considered a knight, and the other two are daemons. The design of their troop picture suggests they are all knights but to put them as daemons would also work. My request is for having them also have a 4x type bonus as well as a 4x kingdom bonus. The likelihood that anyone would actually use all four in a line-up is highly unlikely but there are players that use two of them. so can we get the four horsemen to get a 4x type bonus to go along with their 4x kingdom bonus?

Fun fact – one of the horsemen was actually marked as “Divine” before it became visible in the game. That amused me at the time.

Will there only ever be 4 troops from apocalypse?


from the story it was taken from, there might be more such as lamb of god who released them upon the world.

Perhaps the team bonus will be more valid then. Impossible to know :dizzy_face:

Apocalypse Team Bonus:

Apocalypse Troops cannot have less than 1 Life when using 4 unique Apocalypse Troops

Joking or not if that was the case then they would be staple for defence always.

My mind fails to accept a universe wherein what @TaliaParks wrote above could be construed as anything but humor.


True. I hope the horse man get 4x kingdom bonus (very likely) and 4x daemon bonus (not so likely but i can hope right?) then maybe in the very distant future i will field the four horseman on defence for people to get an interesting game out of even though the mana locking is a serious problem.

Yes @Lyya I was obviously joking. :grin:

I just like seeing people scream that it’s overpowered and means they can’t die.

Knowing what we know what is the apocalypse 4x team bonus? Also is that bonus worth the fact that the team is DOA?

King of End Times: All troops gain +3 Attack and +1 Magic for having 4 unique Apocalypse troops

Team bonus wouldn’t make or break (almost any) synergy, in my opinion. If 4 horsemen sound appealing , then it’s cherry on top – and if not, then no, the additional stats won’t help much.

I hope death is a daemon so we get the daemon bonus on top of king of the end times.

Prepare for disappointment.

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I expect it to not be and end up a knight or some other race.

War is already a knight, so no 4x daemon anyway.

I was hoping they would fulfill the request to change him to daemon instead of keeping him a knight. That or make the horseman all knights. It would give them a bit more stats for synergy even though i doubt their spells could ever fire.

Wouldn’t Divine make the most sense for all of them if they were to share a type?

Considering who releases them and who made them as well as other mythological factors yes it would make sence to make them divine as well. I wonder what went into deciding what their typing would be and and why. It would be nice to know, if you go for the supernatural(tv show) route then of course you get even more creatures from the tale. If we get lamb of god(the one who unsealed and released the 4 horsemen) then that means apocalypse could get a mythic or lower troop that summons the horseman. Knights, daemons, divines heck even elementals would fit as a typing. I wish we knew what the devs considered and why for each troops typing of the horsemen.