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Give mythic troops unique kingdom team bonuses

The horseman have a high mana cost, nobody will field all 4 together regardless of their coolness. I just thought that it would be fun if mythic troops get a more special kingdom bonus when all 4 are united, for the horsemen? A reduced mana cost :slight_smile: 35% off perhaps? 50 would be hilarious with famine in front haha.

Fine -1 to mana costs.

Even with their buffs they are not good enough.

I just think that mythics deserve a unique kingdom bonus.

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If you make them too strong why would anyone play anything else? Keep the game in balance.

Because they don’t have them. Which is an even more important reason that an all Horsemen team isn’t particularly good, because that would bias the game towards luck and money.

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More than it already is you mean

Ffs, dont make it game breaking, just b-e-t-t-e-r. There are plenty of teams better than this.

This is not about balance, it is about worth. I would hope that they get buffed enough to be better than a legendary of the same abilities. In hindsight, the buffs to the mythics seems weak if they are all on the same team.

I don’t agree. I feel the devs have to be very careful not to break the power budget, especially on the top end of the spectrum. It’s okay to have some troops (Commons and Rares) be “dead weight” at endgame, but make Mythics categorically stronger than Legendaries and suddenly we’ll see just those four troops over and over again ad nauseaum.


[quote=“killerman3333, post:9, topic:10866, full:true”]

This is not about balance, it is about worth.[/quote]

This has been the apparent motto of the development team since Drifting Sands. They need professional game testers bad.

[quote=“Lyya, post:10, topic:10866, full:true”]
I feel the devs have to be very careful not to break the power budget, especially on the top end of the spectrum. [/quote]

You are about 3 months too late unfortunately.

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You are not kidding, i would love to test out the new guild stuff before it goes live.

Without in-depth knowledge of how a top-level Guild functions, this rework is going to be an unmitigated disaster. 2.1 will cause a lot of players to quit.

BUT, even though I warned everyone, I’ll be ignored because I’m a loudmouth.

It depends on how the update effects guilds. Yes it might be as you said but then there is a chance that the guild update will not be as you said. So what do you want to change in guilds that would not have a disastrous effect. We already have an idea based on what devs have leaked to us.

I’ll ask my 6 year old daughter and get back to you. The nonsense she comes up with will be closer to the truth than I could ever come up with.

I apply logic to everything, it hinders my ability to think like most other people unfortunately.

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Just curious: warned everyone of what? Who is “everyone,” and what proactive steps can they take toward mitigation?

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The warning was that 2.1 will be a disaster.

Everyone is those who read the Forums.

Steps to avoid? Don’t take the rebalancing too far and hurt the Guilds too much. Unless they secretly want the high-level players to quit en masse so the newer players will stop feeling so outclassed.

So the audience of the message is the dev team. The mitigations you describe are out of the scope of the player base at large. Since the only concern here is “taking things too far,” it’s hard for individuals to plan around that scenario; it can take many forms, after all.

You have a much less optimistic view on the dev team’s good will and competence than I do. They make mistakes, but that comes with attempting new things. In my opinion, they are quick to adjust to imbalances while also not swinging the nerf bat around wildly in the process. Keeping an ever-evolving game fair and level in the face of new mechanics is a delicate balance and in my opinion they’re doing a pretty good job.


You and I have very different definitions of “quick”.

Considering every Legendary since Drifting Sands has been ridiculously unbalanced while older Troops are completely ignored, I really have lost my faith and confidence in the development team. Ultimately, it’s up to them to remedy that and not my prerogative to just “accept” the situation as is.

They’ve pushed out major rebalancing of one or more kingdoms with every update. It’s not an easy process to totally revamp kingdoms, and there’s clearly more motivation for them to introduce new troops as opposed to spending cycles to buff existing troops.

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