Archangels counterattack the Horsemen

Apocalypse troops are already in for a while now and i think the best thing to do for this game is to create the Archangels too. Raziel should be first! :smiley: What you guys think?

We already had Mercy and Valour come through as Epics…

Honestly, I think the last thing the game needs is another run of Mythic troops… let’s sort out major content, bug fixes, quality of life issues…

We are getting 2-3 good idea troops every week now, and I assume that production line continues anyhow…


Apparently, each kingdom will have one Mythic troop… So sorry but I think there won’t be any Archangel…
Or after the one-Mythic-by-kingdom set so in 24 months ;-).

Each kingdom has one Mythic, and presumably the triple skill bonus will require all troops at level 20 and fully traited.

Pffffff. For a little while, at least, I was able to keep up with the top dogs. No way am I ever going to collect all the Mythics (I’ve gotten exactly one in all the time since they became available), so that’s a whole lot of skill points I will never be able to acquire.

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There is a new kingdom every month too so that will never balance out until something changes

New kingdoms are released every 2 months… so 36 months for the one-Mythic-by-kingdom set…
Do devs really know about that?

it’s a doable thing, you all come with counter arguments like they are overwhelmed and cannot overcome all the issues. I suggested the Archangels because they clearly are a logical future upgrade against the Horsemen, right?

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as for ideology!

Even if it is every 2 months you will need to get your calculator out again

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46 months?

Im on console and cant remember how many kingdoms and mythics you currently have but sounds about right :beers:

I would agree with Bogdan though. They could release them more frequent; they aren’t particularly amazing. The low drop rate and special event for them is a bit of a smoke screen

There is no “another run” of anything. It seems we are already going to get a new mythic every month for the foreseeable future, just like we’re going to get 2 or 3 new troops every week. What the OP requested is not “more mythics”, just for the mythics that are going to come anyway to be in a specific design, “archangels” or whatever. I don’t see how that would get in the way of bug fixes (or anything else you mentioned).


Mate, with the new system there’s no way I’ll get the mythics that are coming down the line. So sad.



No, the first angel should be michael or cassiel. Or maybe we get this as a GoW card.

nice one. :smiley:

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