Future Kingdoms

**Attention ** I think that if you add in the Apocalypse and guardian kingdoms with the troops that are from there and put quests with them then more people would play the game. This is just a suggestion but please consider it thanks. And if you use my idea then please give me credit.

I don’t honestly see how you can “claim” credits on this.
The troops are already there. Even if they dev never talk about it, the fact that the troops exist will always imply a possible plan of future kingdoms for those troops. Even if those kingdoms ever do come out, I don’t see how they have any legal obligations to credit you. You don’t own the right to the Guardian and the Apocalypse troops in the first place…

Just saying. Your last “please give me credit” comment is really going to raise a lot of strange eyebrows.


I just asked that they add in those kingdoms with those troops and put some quests in. And it’s my idea so they should give me credit. You just miss read.lol Also if ya’ll want you guys can put it in separate updates so people linger.

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i like primal, apocalypse and guardian the way they are, without a kingdom on the map

i would hate what those kingdoms “existence” would do with the game lore

these troops are suppose to belong to whole krystara not just one kingdom - they are the “wild cards” :slight_smile:


sorry to disappoint you but its not your idea, ppl asked that before in this forum


Maybe not a kingdom.
But maybe an Epic quest line where we actually prevent the end of the world by facing the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Only available after all kingdoms are lvl 10 and quests finished. You get a random Horseman as a reward.


This would be cool, although getting a random horseman would be too good a reward. I feel like if I was a dev, I would totally make the last kingdom’s story end like this.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to promote those kingdoms (especially Apocalypse) to a full-fledged kingdom. 5* for that kingdom would be a colossal pain for anyone who wasn’t on the gravy train for when the horsemen were exclusive; 4 base Mythics would be discouraging, to say the least.

I’m with everyone else though that if the devs were to do what you propose, they could easily and freely do so without attribution. Your idea is nowhere near novel.


the quest line with apocalypse troops spounds fun
i wouldnt even mind if there was different quest line for each apocalypse troop

but i think giving a base mythic is too much… how about as a reward giving some cafting components that are required to craft those apocalypses? :wink:


I didn’t say they have to give me credit. And yeah the quests for each Horseman would be amazing. And where we have to stop the Apocalypse

Yeah, GoW really is set up for some incredible storytelling.

Free Tagalong Epic: Do you see him? It’s Death! The end of the world approaches!
Hero: I see.
FTE: Ready your arms, Hero!
Hero: Okay.
Death: My monologue won’t fit in the strip they giv…


FTE: You did it! You’ve vanquished Death himself! Now we’ll all live forever!
Hero: That’s good.
FTE: …Don’t you have something more…I dunno, memorable to say?
Hero: I’m sort of a tool.
FTE: Never mind. I have no real reason to ever talk to you again, and a whole kingdom to run, but I think I’ll tag along with you so you can more easily 5-star my kingdom.
Hero: If you say so!


I would love a gorilla kingdom… Kinda like planet of the apes😎

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Does this mean you get “credit” for all future story lines? :wink:


I think it may be retroactive, in fact. Where are my royalties?


Heeeeey, that’s not one of the six things that the Hero is able to say!


cough http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdoms/3025#empirical_evidence cough


Nerf Famine!

When hes nerfed. I want credit.


Please nerf scissors…rock is fine


May i use this lol


He only claimed “credit” for the Famine Nerf not the Scissors Nerf (so by Legal Technicality sure) :wink: