Undiscovered Quest Lines

this one inspired me:

and so i thought

It’s time for a plot twist!

I present you new quest line that could one day be added to the game, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Narrator: As you arrived to this prosperous kingdom you noticed that a fighting tournament has just started.
Narrator: Suddenly a mysterious character crosses the crowd and comes straight to you…

(not named gorila character): I see the force is strong with you, traveller. Win the tournament and we shall meet again.
Hero: Okay.

(tournament starts and you fight numerous battles)

(not named gorila character): Here we meet again. I am Legendary Gorilla Jedi. Win this fight and i’ll be your last opponent.
Hero: I see.

Legendary Gorilla Jedi: Don’t disappoint me, Hero. Attack with everything you have got!
Hero: If you say so!

Legendary Gorilla Jedi: You fought well, my friend. Now i know you are suitable companion to send my Epic Padawan with. Make sure to show him Krystara while i fight dark foces within my prosperous kingdom.
(receives Epic Padawan)

Class Quest

Epic Padawan: It’s time for ME to become a Jedi.
Hero: Okay.

Epic Padawan: First i must embrace the force within.
(embrace the force combat)

Epic Padawan: Second i need to controll my anger.
(anger management combat)

Epic Padawan: Now i must perfect my combat skills.
(combat brawery test fight)

Epic Padawan: Lastly i shall defeat the dark forces and bring balance to the world of Krystara.
(dark force wrecking combat)

Epic Padawan: Finaly, i could be… Wait, no, it was YOU who did all the tasks! You are now a Jedi.
Hero: Oh, my.

(received Jedi class)

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I was also inspired…

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You spelled Harambe wrong. Repeatedly.


It’s all good, so did the person that named him.