Future Kingdoms

Nothing beats rock.


Poor old dependable bart…always chooses rock


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I like the storyline idea. And the gorilla kingdom seems cool too

Don’t nerf anything tho

Sadly @lyya’s quest line only defeated one of the horsemen… As FTE typically stands for Full Time Equivalent, and the hero’s buddies are part time at best, I found that name confusing, so I am introducing a proper quest epic ally, called Kevin. We already have a Brian, after all.

So I think the rest goes like this. And if the devs ever use any words I’ve used ever again, give me credit @sirrian @nimhain

Kevin: Behold hero, Death isn’t dead. The other Horsemen revive him.
Hero: That’s bad.
Kevin: We can beat them, however. We just need to gather them all at the Conference Centre.
Hero: The what?
Kevin: The suddenly-introduced famous mythical place that you’d know about, if you knew anything.
Hero: Oh, that. Knew about that.
Kevin: To get there we must pass through the Gate Of Process Enhancement.
Hero: Where’s that?
Kevin: Very close. But first we must battle a sequence of seemingly random Raksha, Knights, Undead and also my mother.
Hero: Your mother?
Kevin: I was kidding about her. But look, here come lots of inexplicably angry Naga.

[battles… x lots]

Kevin: Forsooth! We have vanquished them, and the Gate looms before us.
Hero: Forsooth?
Kevin: I always wanted to say that. This is a fantasy game, after all.
Hero: Say it again and I’ll murder you.
Kevin: For… sure. Great. Hey, let’s defeat these Daemons guarding the gate.


Kevin: We did it! Here is the Conference Centre. Complete with breakout rooms named after random Krystaran towns.
Hero: I hate it here.
Kevin: We need not stay long. For… soon the Horsemen will approach.
Hero: Why?
Kevin: I just put up these yellow signs saying ‘Apocalypse How: Is The End Of The World That Bad?’. And behold, here they come!
Hero: Behold is going on my murder list too.
Kevin: No time for that, we must face the bringers of the end.
Death: First I’d like to say how grateful we are to get the chance to speak at this event. The Apocalypse has had exceedingly bad press over many ages of men, and it’s finally time we show what it’s really about.
Hero: Really?
Death: We will start by setting out a nine point itemised agenda and agreeing our core perspectives for this presentation.
War: I’m… really quite angry.
Famine: I’m starving.
Plague: Say no to penicillin.
Death: Agreed, good brothers, we all find that this surfaces very strong emotional reactions. It’s a contentious subject, forsooth.
Hero: Right, that’s it.

[battle all four Horsemen]

Kevin: We did it! We averted the End Of Days. We will be worshipped and hallowed in lore, for… ever.
Hero: Great. Let’s get out of here.
Kevin: You’re boring. But I will still arbitrarily abandon my amazing new opportunity here at the Conference Centre and instead join your ragtag band of adventurers.
Hero: You don’t have to.
Kevin: Nonsense. You need me. I will turn up now and then and invite you to commit genocide against a randomly selected race of beings, in exchange for these little misshapen green gems.
Hero: They look like snot.
Kevin: And I might just come back in a mini-game that lets you craft things. And wear a name badge.
Hero: Welcome aboard then. Forsooth.


That made me laugh more than I care to admit. Except now I’ve admitted it. Therefore, it did not make me laugh more than I cared to admit.


Forsooth my lafter :joy:

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I don’t know how yet, but I’ll find a way to add forsooth in my fanfic story too! Here’s my credit ahead of time!


That quest line is pretty good

That definitely deserved a like.

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Thank you very much

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