Questions about Mythic troops

We know that every month a new Mythic troop will arrive in GoW. The Apocalypse troops seems based on the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (Caption Obvious ;-)).

  1. will there be more than 4 troops in this kingdom?
  2. is there only one Mythic troop available at the same time (like Imps)? If no, it will be more and more difficut to obtain the new ones…

We need mythic tokens. One mythic token claims any mythic of choice.

I can’t imagine they’ll stop at 4.

Pulled War with a glory key about 10 minutes ago, but I know I’m not the first. Already fought him in PvP.

There are seven seals and four seals released a horseman of the apocalypse, this means that 3 unknow seals must be released to unlock the scroll. In that part of the text we also have hades the lord of the dead (not a horseman), the lamb that unlocked the seals and many others. So it is likely we will have many troops but lets not count on that silly mythology shall we.

There’s always Conquest, the original first horsemen. :horse_racing:
As for any other apocalyptic troops, there’s always the big bad said to rise at the very end. :imp:

Course I’ll choose to worry about those once we’ve made it through the present ones, only so much Armageddon one can take.

I always thought Chaos was the original first horseman?

There are several other troops flagged as “Mythic” in the game files. (At least, there were before 2.0.) All were in preliminary states, but it’s a very good sign that there’ll be more than just our 4 death knights.

Yes. But Mercy and Valor were Mythic troops before devs decide to put them in other kingdoms.
The 2 other ones that you talked about should also be put in other kingdoms and I think they could be downgrade to Epic troops.

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Chaos, but I can assure you that Conquest was dated to be the first horsemen over a millennium ago.

Later swapped out for Pestilence because pop culture didn’t think a horsemen of warning was scary enough. Makes the whole tale more amazing and fear ridden, and all that junk.

The current plan is that when we release a new Mythic, we will have a week where they are the only mythic available in the game. After the week is up, any other mythic troops will return to chests.


Omg that sounds like totally awesome.

There’s also Wolverine, Magnito and Storm…
Sorry wrong source material :wink:

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God a cross-over would be cool. I would play the hell out of a Marvel-based Gems of War clone. Or DC (so long as they brought in their Vertigo characters).

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Well there is Marvel Puzzle Quest.
I played it a bit, but it’s nowhere near as good as Gems of War.

Yeah, I don’t want that trash! But I would leave GoW for a Marvel/DC reskin of it.

Hmm… that sound like a good idea for a mod for me to work on. The difficulty would be matching up Marvel/DC people with GoW people.

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Yeah, you’d have to do what MPQ does and introduce different versions of the same character. I don’t know where you’re going to find all that poison :slight_smile:

Poison Ivy and a lot of kids? minions? :smile_cat:

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