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The Fifth Horseman

This game has never shied away from referential humor, so I’d like to humbly offer a suggestion to round out the apocalypse team. The late Sir Terry Pratchett in his book “Thief of Time” had the four horsemen ride out, only to be joined by a fifth horseman (who had quit the band before they hit it big) named Chaos (or Kaos before he settled down and started selling milk).

I won’t presume to know all the balance issues that go into picking his colors, traits, and all of that, but for his power, I was thinking that he could scramble the board, turn a random color to skulls, than scramble the board again. Used properly, it virtually guarantees an extra turn and really lives up to his name.

To those that don’t know who I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. You know you want another mythic apocalypse troop. As for those of us still chanting “no one dies so long as his name is spoken”, well, it’ll give us a chance to say his name a few more times. Especially if they dress Chaos as a milkman.


It is great idea , this way to honor great writer like Pratchett. I’m more then sure that he can appreciate this from funy realm, where he is now.

i like it.
could also change enemy team order on a 4+ match, that would be a totall chaos!

I love it, We also need the BEAST. how can we have an apocalypse without him

This is a terrific idea!

Fifth horseman should be named Bob.
Why? Just because.

Ah, Ronnie Soak. Good times.

No. Please no.

personally i dont mind if Bob is added after Chaos is added :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to have some characters from darksiders :smiley:

Im just wondering if the nect mythic troops will be from the same kingdom and if they kindgom will ever have levels/power to upgrade

But what about the sheep that breaks the seal on the horsemen and then summons them?


Nope, this is to much of Ankh let’s just say that “Bob is it uncle” if you follow my drift

As long as it’s not as niche as Bunni’Nog…