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The Four Horsemen came for me

Been waiting to face this team, so I thought I’d document how the battle went. :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was a tough battle, the enemy Famine filling quickly after I’d lost my first troop made me think I’d lost. However, it targeted Green Seer which gave some breathing room to build up again, victory came as a Swarmed the opposing Famine then finished off Plague the following turn. :metal:

Deathmark didn’t trigger at all throughout the match. :pensive:


Full apocalypse team looks fun, but without any mana generator it’s relying only on wearing the opponent down- with the traits I mean (and maybe some good cascade RNG to fill multiple troops up?). In defense anyway. gz for the win :wink:

I want to fight these teams.

Fought these a couple of times now. Not that difficult. As mentioned without a mana generator they are at a big disadvantage.

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Yeah, I faced all 4 of them too and wasn’t overly scared. With a bit of mana denial, none of them ever get to cast.

I’m glad you survived the apocolypse, guildmate! :smile_cat:
I still need to try that invade team today.