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Can anyone explain this?

Okay. So this is a weird one. When I was playing a PvP match, the enemy Kerberos spawn a Ghoul after I team wiped, per Gate Guardian (seen below).

Now, the strange part is that I got the Ghoul to one-shot range, but when he attack me with skulls, the game just ended. The Ghoul never died, though. I still got the win so I suppose it isn’t too big of a deal, just very peculiar.

Any ideas?

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Alpheon @Andrew @Lila36

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It’s broken…

Also, I fought your pitchfork army with my lynch mob (Lance Knight, Peasant, Villager, Hound). Gee it took forever!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Peasant MUST be nerfed. Nearly unkillable when he’s alone. :smile:

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What’s more important is: how are troops only getting 2 mana on matches?

Apparently, birds aren’t the only thing going over my head because I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. :dizzy_face:

ow yeah sorry i hadnt considering opening a new topic about it. Ive encountered some situations where one of my troops or the enemy only received 2 mana on a 3-gem match and there was no disease debuff at work, nor was 1 of 3 mana going to another troop above the one with the mana-deficit.

Hmmm… That is bizarre. I guess try your luck at making a thread and hoping for a response/reasoning? Idk.

Could be the banner that the team is using. Some give -1 to certain colours.


you are completely right, i have overlooked that little detail. many thanks.

I just had that happen and thought - strange. I can understand no mana surge but 3 gem brown match with brown flag, and still got 2 mana (based on the counter)

Nothing in the other team I could find 1/2 any mana or removed mana on match… It just was weird.

Not the first time. But then I stopped trying to figure out all the point issues when a team I went into PVP and no way could this 1st level team even at full max everything could be what it was. At that point i said… ya know it’s magic :imp:

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its totally the banner.