Bug report: ai collecting mana for an already defeated troop

Mobile, android :

Screenshot or image:

Just had the weirdest thing happen… Explore, darkstone , normal, key/egg team, started and the board was set up in a way that I got a 4 match (talent for hunters Mark) then a skull match all before I started my first turn, this wiped out the first enemy troop, took my first turn and collected some mana buuuut when it was the bots/ai first turn, their matches were crediting mana to the place where mana would go on that first dead troop/empty slot?? Done it twice with the empty slot collecting mana so put screenrecorder on but didn’t do it again! Took a screenshot of the troops that were in play, the troop on the enemy team that was killed was a common Thrall (same as troop below it) when the ai was matching purple gems, the mana went to the
Top right corner of the first empty slot and the graphic for mana being credited showed up as the mana orb glowing (the thrall below didn’t get the mana credited, which it should of)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?
Never happened before today, hasn’t happened since but thought best to let you know anyways



Thanks for reporting this, this is a known issue which we’re investigating (we call it the Ghost Troop) :frowning:

Do you remember if there was a Doomskull in the Skull match that happened?

Were you playing on your mobile data or on wifi?
How was your internet connection at the time? Were you doing anything which may have given it a chance to drop momentarily? Like playing on the train or something?

Hey thanks for getting back to me,

I was on my home WiFi which is pretty reliable so can say with some certainty that there was no dropout, plus the kids would of whinged that youtube was buffering or something if it did lol

Also I play via gamelauncher with a setting on so that no notifications come through whilst I game so can be sure nothing interrupted play.

On that occasion I can’t say I recall if there was a doomskull however I’ve had it happen a couple more times over the gnome weekend whilst doing quests and it always happened when the board gave me a 4match thus triggering a hunter’s mark (thief class talent) and then a 3 skull match wiping out that first enemy. Also it always seems to be purplethat the ghost troop collects, perhaps coincidence but worth mentioning. I will ofcourse pop screenrecorder on if the board when it loads looks like it may play a 4match and then skull before my turn but I’m not always quick enough to catch it.

Good luck in finding a fix


When you killed the other enemies did the match end normally or did it get stuck in battle?

It ended normally no problem