Maw Spawning Too Much Brown

This is, of course, on top of it being a stupid troop which needs a 30 or 40 cost or something and so on…

Uh, I thought it was suspicious so I snagged a picture to confirm. I count at least 12 Brown Gems being spawned - they’re the ones with the twinkle in the middle. Yellow seems to just be doing 8. Not sure if this is happening every time or just frequently.

(Three guesses what I chose to devour…)

Very next game, same thing. I was a little more useful with my screenshots this time, got a few:

I count 21 gems being transformed. That’s not 8+8=16.


Awesome catch!

Maw’s ability is raised by magic, but the text on the card doesn’t day it. I believe it isn’t suppose to be raised by magic and it is an oversight of it’s ability.

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Huh, Maw totally has magic. I did not notice that before. Kingdom bonus magic only from the looks of it.

I still don’t see how that would be doing this extra Browns thing but it might be a clue.

Great post Shimrra. If this is a bug it might be what’s needed to prevent one turn team kills.

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We’ve just deployed a fix for that, thanks @Shimrra!


Looks fixed, cheers. I mean, Maw’s still dumb, but the bug is fixed. *nod


Great spot @Shimrra

Not that it will quite solve the current broken pvp mawmeta…