Was the gem spawn algorithm changed again? [mobile]

Hi everyone,

Since yesterday it seemed like random gem spawners (Justice, Desert Mantis, Rockworm and the likes) produce significantly less 4 and 5 gem matches compared to last week. But there was no change announced and

I noticed my exploders give away a lot more 4+ matches to the opponent on mobile lately.
But that’s just a gut feeling. No data to back it up.
And bias might play a role here as well…

This Monday the game was behaving so weirdly and it was so different that I started a new thread. The same evening /next morning it was back to its evil self. Something was definitely amiss. Ps4

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I’m actually seeing the opposite. Tuesday I was beating a GW player 2000 points above my team without issue using some gem casters. Not even particularly lucky with the drops either, some for some against.

Today I’m watching teams 1000 points lower get 4+5+4+4+5 etc and hit every gem cast with more multiples.

Not to make you paranoid, but they can tweak it back and forth secretly. So maybe it’s your imagination, maybe not.

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I don’t know it just really isn’t fun in guild wars since you try to use 4 of a color already and if you can’t even properly use the random gem creators it really limits the choices you actually can go for.
On brown day I can only use alchemist as board control but then I need another useful yellow troop and I don’t have all troops fully traited yet…

For normal PvP I don’t care since losses don’t cost anything. It’s just mildly frustrating when losing battles in a row, but that’s pretty rare anyway.

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If its a bug in the code i can see them fixing it without saying something

But if it a balance change why would they do it secretly? Dont you think community feedback would be important?

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Because they’ve secretly adjusted it before.

If it was a secret… How are you so sure? Were you in the dev team meeting? Are you the coder? Or are you guessing?

I read the forums…

Ok… Thanks… I guess

I believe it was secret when they did it but they admitted it when it was called out