Myself Missing Maw

Ever start a match and the board alignment is perfect for a different team?

Yea…Me neither.


If I got a board like that, I would be so excited I’d probably mess it up.

That only happens to me literally eveytime I don’t have Mercy. Purple and Yellow together errywhere. Unless I actually use her. Then there will never ever ever ever be those two colors together to make a 4 or 5 match. >.>

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I’ll do you one better.

Ever get that board and actually start Matching the Gems for the WRONG team! :smiling_imp:
And then freak out when the card that should be FULL and ready to cast was not there!! :scream:

This has happened to me before… I felt shame… :sweat:


You poor thing. I must admit you are not alone though.

I thought I was using the team in the picture before so started collecting some lovely purple mana for TDS. Turns out I didn’t even use purple in whatever team I was using.

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You aren’t alone. I think there’s a support group for this lol.

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AM I don’t even have maw. Over levek 900 and have yet to draw him or sheggra. RNG really really hates me sniff

Bless you. He’s just an overgrown worm anyway.

You’re far too good for him.