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Stranger things!


I was up against Manticore-Emperor-Valk-Mab.(checking their banner of the defense team after the match was done, it was blue/yellow)

In this match the enemy team was able to fill up Manticore(from 0) twice with just a yellow mana surge match , I know its 100% true since it happened twice, and I am sure both times only a 3 match was taken of yellow. The team has no troops that has the Air Link trait in it either. Then it got 5 mana from a 3 green match without mana sourge, later. Everything collides with the blue/yellow banner it seems, or more correctly every banner in the game.

I tested out with double yellow banner(just in case) with my manticore, its max 8 on mana sourge.

Maybe I have missed something?

any luck in reproducing that bug or gettign screen shots? looks worth investigating, i hope it doesnt become forgotten