Gem matches don't give mana

Hi All,
I notice this has been reported before. Basically when i match gems i sometimes don’t get mana from it. Probably most unfortunately example; I only needed one gem match in order to charge up to perform a winning blow and i only had one mana left to fill it up but instead it didn’t give me any mana and i lost the match. This is not the first time this happened and i have been paying close attention to this. I turned on the option that enables a player to see the Mana in numbers. So i am keeping close attention to the number changing. It’s been happening daily now. But it didn’t used to. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Difficult to tell what’s going on or help without actually a video of the instance.

I have never experienced this myself. Things I can think of:

  • Your troop (that you are trying to fill) is mana-blocked and instead of them getting the mana an earlier troop gets the mana.
  • Your troop(s) are diseased, so that they will get less (half) mana.
  • Your troop(s) are silenced, so that they would gain no mana.

If you do post a video, we can watch and provide better help.


This has long been an unproven problem (for at least 4 years).

If you see this happening frequently, you’ll need to start recording all of your battles, so you have evidence to inspect, if you see it happen.

The devs have said they’ve looked through the code numerous times and not been able to find anything. Whether that is or isn’t a sign of poor programming, we’re stuck with the issue that they can’t do a thing without video evidence.

A tedious but possible way to see what’s actually happening would be to put the game graphics speed down to minimum and watch where the mana blobs go when you make a match.

I also experienced this too, can’t get mana and the AI gets extra turns when it matches just three skulls. Also the AI attacks twice when no action is made. I can’t send in a video of proof because i have the Xbox series S version and i can’t send it to show up BECAUSE this website only supports Windows IPAD and IPHONE photo/video capabilities. I been here for 5 years and seen every glitch gems of war could possibly have. I even seen Webspinner kill with one hit when it’s the AI’s first move it destroys all my troops because it gets extra skull matches in a roll. Same thing with Savage Hunter One Hit Kills. Honestly i just play the game and whatever glitch i see i just say Yay and just continue on with the day. Life always has evil misfortunes that we can’t stop, that’s why in this case i let the devs worry about it if the devs can’t fix it their either to lazy to care about it or they not properly trained for this line of work. Either way life moves on.

It’s definitely happening. Happened to me before as well. Problem is that it is rare, and probably no one is going to record all their battles until they finally catch proof on video.

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Hi Cronus!
For my knowledge none of the above applies. I am aware of the conditions that can influence the troops while playing and i keeping a close eye on it during game play.

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Understood and given what I have seen in this game, I believe you :slight_smile: that being said, again without a video, I am out of ideas…

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Hello SneakyNinja,
I have also experienced the loss of an extra turn. As well as the AI getting an extra turn when it didn’t match 4. Or the AI killing with one hit when there was no condition that would have supported this action. If something like that happens i generally look at the troop/troops and check there status, class and traits. It’s frustrated especially when one puts so much time into the game every day.

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I will try to record my games over the weekend if i get a chance.

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I also remember a similar lack of mana three times, when that one unit from a trio of combined orbs could have changed the outcome of the battle - but alas, it gave no mana at all, and I had to COMPLETELY gather the trio instead of pressing cast with a unit.

As far back as I can remember, all 3 times it underpowered a poisoned unit.

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I play on Switch and while I don’t seem to encounter these extremely rare glitches like loss of mana / incorrect Extra turns / “something” not adding up, at least capturing video on Switch (without necessarily recording everything!) is super easy.

Oh, speak of the devil, I just found a clip with two bugs back-to-back:

For the missing Extra Turn, I noticed a random Mana Surge of the same color also occurred, but that shouldn’t be important, right? Random Mana Surges happen all the time during combos.

As for Anubite Warrior spontaneously dying, well … I don’t know? This is my usual farming team doing a Lv.2 Explore run, nobody on either side is bringing any surprise passive traits to the battle.

And clearly it didn’t impact the outcome any, it just leaves me scratching my head with a “how in the…?”


Thanks for that Stratelier. I haven’t been doing a video on this since there were so many people complaiing about the same issues that i figured, i am not doing Gems of war’s job by checking for bugs for them. If too many people complain then they have to look into it themself’s. At least thats how i look at it. This game is so full of Bugs. Not to mention the overpowered troops and classes that forces a player to use the same troops(or classes) as ever body else in order to progress… Anyway, this video also shows another common bug where troops just randomly die. Which i come across quite often too.

This is a great video! The “troop with low life suddenly dying” bug is something I have seen many, many times in the Arena. That is the main game mode with low stats I am playing. It can happen in favour of the player (as in the video), but can also turn against the player, meaning two player troops are dying from a single CPU skull match.

As far as I can tell, the necessary conditions for this to happen are, that the second dying troop has very low HP (obviously only 1 in the video, not sure if it happens also with 2 or 3 HP) and the skull match involves a Doomskull. If these conditions are met, the second troop always dies, as far as I have observed this. I was thinking about creating a bug report on this issue, but never remembered to catch a video, when an appropriate opportunity showed up. So thanks a lot for this video :+1:

Maybe it would even be worth to create a bug report of its own for this issue (if not already done).

Sure, but some bugs only occur under such rare conditions that the dev team trying to purposely replicate one is like us trying to get a Mythic drop. Heck, sometimes even video footage isn’t enough of an explanation.

What’s the order of operations of the skull match dmg and the doom skull explosion and +5 dmg? If the skull hit kills troop 1 and the +5 dmg is resolved after that, the 2nd troop would take 5 dmg. Could be “working as intended”?

Possible explanation, but this isn´t it.

I have just experimented a bit in Explore 1. First thing I tried is killing an enemy troop with a doomskull match. If your theory would be right, then the next troop would have to get 5 damage of the doomskull. This doesn´t happen.

After watching Stratelier´s video again carefully, I saw, that the explosion of the doomskull match in the video involves another skull. So I thought, maybe this skull adds +1 damage after Apophisis has disappeared and this 1 damage kills the Anubite Warrior. So I recreated a similar situation also in Explore 1, but also here the +1 damage was not forwarded to the troop next to the killed troop.

In both of my experiments the second troop had full HP, so something about 15-20 HP, life and armor added together. I have to admit, I am too lazy to work on situations, where the second troop has only 2, 3, 4,… HP remaining in order to find out, if this behaviour happens only with troops with 1 remaining HP or also with other small HP amounts. However, I think “working as intended” is not an option here and we can consider this a bug.

Another thing that came to my attention, when watching the video: the game usually displays the amount of damage a unit receives. For Apophisis we can see -11, so Apophisis dies. But for the Anubite Warrior, no damage is displayed, it just dies out of the blue.