Bugs in PVP, & 1 HIT KILL Team Skull Bash? 💀

First Thing, My Kerberos Devoured a Giant Spider, and was STILL ALIVE after the Devour.

Second, The Mana on last Giant Spider TRANSFORMED into a Multi Mana Ghost over Effect.

Third, I skull bashed the LAST TROOP instead of the First Troop. :confused:

Fourth, When that Happened IT SAID VICTORY WHEN I still HAD 3 Troops TO KILL.

Notes, I used Dragon Soul Before, Either That should have Killed Gorgotha But did not kill him.
Or didn’t kill them after the devour if I used him afterwards, Everything happened so fast.

@Sirrian & @Nimhain Please tell me what’s going on & if you can fix it. Thank you.

AFTER THE LETHAL SKULL BASH :skull_crossbones: :skull: :skull_crossbones:

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I need some comments please

What was the enemy team initially?

The first two slots can be explained by display glitches. Sometimes troops that are killed do not get properly removed from the field of battle. The game still records that they’re dead, though, which is why your skull match skipped the first two troops and hit the third.

The multicolor giant spider is a new one to me.

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Without a video of it occurring it’s going to be hard for us to investigate.

It sounds like the troops displaying we actually ghost troops if the game ended. The Giant Spider may be related to the issue with Orbweaver Heroes that die but create a Giant Spider in the same slot.


Yes my guess would be the Orbweaver Hero’s third trait.

This is known to:

  • create spiders over dead troops, but the dead troop is still there underneath
  • allow traits of dead troops and even mana collection to trigger for the spider on top
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He is in the Orbweaver class & this is @MrSnake, Team. @Nimhain, @Jainus, & @Grundulum

Hope this can really help you fix this. :spider_web:

sorry for having trouble with my defense^^