Hehehe I just managed to kill Celestasia and Kry with mana makers

So I am playing around with a team to see how I can make it more effective.


And I just finished a PVP because well I wanted to see if it was possible,

We had taken out two of the troops which one was Death Knight which of course placed us all with Death Mark.

We managed to go on for about two more rounds before Rowanne bit it because of Death Mark

The other two troops left on the opponent side were Krys and Celes dragons. Managed to get rid of Krys in 4 looping turns thanks to the entangle and almost clearing the boards with the three mana makers and with Lady Anariel literally just building up Mana and entangle

Now the down side of this was every time we made a Match he would get a barrier…meaning double the effort to kill him.

At the end my troops were with 600+ points each for health

That was very interesting.