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Ease of Making Single Kingdom Teams

OK, we know this is basically about Goblins, but I’ll try not to focus on that too much.

This is just a quick list of how well kingdoms mesh together on their own right now, based on their troop types and mana colors. And by ‘quick’ I apparently mean 3-4 hours. I was multitasking? Anyway, traits won’t be looked at, because this is more or less based in 1.0.7 when troop types and their bonuses came out.

I could have this under ‘feature requests’ rather than ‘guides’, but I’ve already heard that the devs definitely want to expand on existing kingdoms at some point - as in, give them more than 8 troops. That’s ALL I KNOW!

The rankings I’m attaching (and possibly other stuff!) are purely my opinion. Also, this will mostly have no bearing on how well the troop combination actually works.

AND finally, to the devs - this is in no way a criticism of how things are, more a guideline to where things could be improved. What’s done is done, look to the future, etc.

(Note that any kingdom that doesn’t have four troops of the same type can’t run a 2x 4x bonus team, which is ideal…)

Three troop types, including four Constructs. It has ONE troop (Carnex) who has mana other than Red/Yellow/Brown. A 4 Construct team with 4 colors is possible. Admittedly missing its last troop, but Adana has been in a terrible spot for ages and really needs some Blue or Green. Construct bonus bug didn’t help much.

Broken Spire
Six troop types, five colors. Doesn’t help that four or five troops are nearly or completely unusable. A team with 3 Giants and 5 colors is possible but wouldn’t do anything; a team with no type bonuses and 5 colors would be considerably more useful.

Five troop types, six colors. Missing its last troop. Can run 3 Humans with 5 colors, or no type bonuses and 6 colors.

Divinion Fields
Five troop types, but it is possible to run 4 Wildfolk with 4 colors, or 3 Wildfolk with 5 colors. Add the fact that Star Gazer removes Blue, the only color the kingdom doesn’t use, plus two complimentary exploders.

Forest of Thorns
Three troop types, including five Fey. Five colors, with one troop that removes Brown (the other color) and another that transforms it. Capable of 4 Fey with 5 colors plus the aforementioned mitigation for Brown… as a number of people have said, Forest of Thorns is in a really great spot comparatively speaking.

Three troop types, including six Undead. Five colors, but blue is restricted to Crimson Bat which isn’t Undead. One can run 4 Undead with 4 colors or 3 Undead with 5 colors.

Two troop types, including five Marauders. All six colors, although blue is restricted to a Giant. It is possible to run a team of 4 Marauders with 5 colors, or 3 Marauders with 6 colors. And the missing troop leaves room for improvement as well.

Four troop types, no more than three of each. The only troop that doesn’t use Blue/Purple/Brown is the Green Slime, which is also alone in the Elemental type. Considering that this is with eight troops… ouch.

Six troop types. Only one troop that doesn’t use Blue/Red/Brown (Gorgotha with Yellow). Of course, Khaziel was maxed out well in advance of 1.0.7, but it’s still sorry to look at. Saved by Rock Worm shenanigans until recently (although the traits I’m trying to not mention help out that team).

Three troop types, including six Undead. However, only four colors between eight troops (no Green or Yellow).

Maugrim Woods
Five troop types and six colors. It is possible to run a 4 Wildfolk team with 5 colors or a 3 Wildfolk Team with 6 colors.

Mist of Scales
Four troop types, no more than three of each. Five colors. The best one can get from it, though, is either a 4-5 color team with no type bonuses at all, or a 3 Marauder team with 5 colors and has to use Lamia and Poison Master, which should really be a zero. Or a DNF.

Pan’s Vale
Four troop types, no more than three of each. Five colors. It is possible to run 3 Fey with 5 colors.

Five troop types, no more than three of each. Five colors. The best is 3 Wildfolk with 4 colors, or no type bonuses and 5 colors.

I didn’t forget, its just not a real kingdom yet and only has three troops. Come at me.
OK, once another Imp comes out, it will be capable of running 4 Imps with 4 colors, which is all it will ever be able to run from the looks of it.

Five troop types, including four Giants. Five colors. The 4 Giant team only has 4 colors, but Jarl can charge any of them, which helps. Another possibility is 3 Giants and 5 colors.

Sword’s Edge
Five troop types, including four Knights. Five colors. The 4 Knight team would only have 3 colors, unfortunately, and the next best is 3 Knights with 4 colors or no types and 5 colors. Although Sword’s Edge was also maxed out way in advance, before I started playing I think.

Five troop types, including four Divines. Five colors. Seemingly identical to the above, the 4 Divine team would only have 3 colors, and the next best is 3 Divines with 4 colors or no types and 5 colors.

Wild Plains
Four troop types, but no more than TWO of each. Six colors that can be reached in a variety of ways. Missing a troop.

Four troop types, including five Marauders. Five colors. As EVERYBODY now knows, a 4 Marauder team can only have 4 colors, and 3 Marauder team with 5 is possible.
On paper that doesn’t look any more potent than a bunch of these. Literally…
There are obviously other systematic flaws that enable Goblins to be as pestilent as they are right now.

Four troop types, including five Elves. Four colors. The problem is, a 4 Elf team can only access 3 colors. A 3 Elf team can have 4 colors.

So there are a lot of kingdoms that simply have no choice other than to hybridize. That much we knew. Forest of Thorns, Grosh’Nak and (surprisingly) Maugrim Woods are all quite handy as far as this list goes. There is no dream team with 4-4 bonuses and all six colors - Forest of Thorns is the closest.

I will inevitably edit this in the future.


Great reference list. Thank you. :smiley:

Great post. Thanks! :relaxed:

Great post, thanks @Shimrra. Obviously the missing element is whether any of the viable bonus-getting teams are actually any good… For which I think Zaejin is miles ahead, with Khetar getting close, and FoT not bad… And no one else really usable…?

Grosh’Nak is decent if only because Drake and Dark Song have reliable nukes and their combined 4-4 bonuses provide what is basically the highest attack in the game. Problem is that because they have to be unique now, one of the Marauders needs to be either Summoner or Orc, which are subpar (I was running two Drakes).

Forest of Thorns is nice except it relies on skulls.

Khetar absolutely has to hybridize or be stuck with four colors. I’ve been running Skeleton, Sunweaver, Wight and Keeper for ages after 1.0.8 came out. Could also switch Sunweaver for Banshee but there’s less synergy.

Divinion Fields isn’t too bad either, just exploders…

You judge kingdoms differently. For Forest of Thorns you delve in deeper, talking about the Brown mana removal. Divinion Fields you talk about the Seer’s similar ability and about exploders. The kingdoms then become a 10 based on troop abilities. Then you give Zaejin a 6 because you do not take troop abilities into account.
Similar you talk about Jarl’s mana creation in Stormheim but discard Valkyrie’s more reliable mana creation that feeds most of the other troops.
So I am not sure I really see the point of your grades, as it isn’t the simple list of available mana colours and troop types, and the combinations of just those two factos.

The thing is that the bonuses showed up in 1.0.7 when we didn’t have traits around. That was the first point at which we should have been looking for synergies between a kingdom’s troops to net the 4-4 bonuses. And the Goblins started THEN with +4 attack and +10 life … traits just made them much stronger. I could do another list from 1.0.8 and Goblins would be a 9 or a 10 easily.

Kind of late to seeing this… Just wanted to point out that you ignored the color mastery bonuses.
Specifically, in Maugrim Woods you can make a team with 5 colors and all possible bonuses - 4Kingdom, 4type, 4*color (green). I think this should be taken into account.

Not sure if there’s another kingdom like that though.

Zul’Kari - Tyri, Reaver, Spider Queen, Dark Maiden 4 Green Elves from Zul’Kari.
Although, I swap out the Tyri for a Webspinner and just have the x4, x3, x4 bonuses.

White helm with templar, priestess, hero, with red/black weapon, mercy. Use class priest to count as whitehelm troop(?), perk as divine.

This is somewhat outdated cause it was written before hero classes were introduced. There are lots of viable teams with kingdom bonuses right now. My favorite is:

Stone Giant***
Hero Giant perk Burning Scythe
4 giants, all from BS