Possible change with team bonuses


I think that the bonus of having 4 “unique” troops in one kingdom should be changed to let us get the bonus of 10 hp even if we have f.example 2 of the same troops and 2 unique from the same kingdom. Just as long all the 4 we are using is from the same kingdom, we should get the 10hp bonus.

Any thoughts about this or some of the other team bonuses?


This suggestion would be taking it back to what it used to be, which was a far less favourable situation.

Allowing duplicates to generate team bonuses means lots of dull teams (4x Jarl Firemantle, etc) with the same troop four times, or three times plus a Prismatic Orb.

This allowed mindless set-ups to become incredibly strong, and dull to play against. It’s also against the spirit of what the devs wanted to do, which is to encourage more diverse and well-planned teams (appreciate this last part is still work-in-progress, which is why we see Goblins/TrueShot/Dragons comprising 80% of my PVP at the moment)…


If we said f.example if the best bonus we are talking about required 3 uniques then, from the same kingdom?