Unique Troops only - idea - controversial

So I have been thinking on this some time… and I have concluded that a significant improvement in the game, and team compositions, tactics, variety, player sanity, and so on, would be achieved by not allowing duplicate troops in a team

Now this idea has kicked around before… but I strongly think it’s time to reconsider it…

What do we gain?
More variety, and more thought needed into team design (I believe that is a good thing)… Reduced frustration from troll defence teams in pvp (I mean teams set with trolling in mind, not teams composed of trolls)… No more two Maws together, or grinding down three reviving Infernal Kings, or multiple Rock Worms, or the currently hilariously dysfunctional 4x Astral Spirit… No such cheese exploiting an unbalanced new troop… No stacking lots of the same link trait without thinking about team shape… Overall a bit more challenge for players to get creative in setting up a team, and a lot less annoyance for players hitting those stupid defences…

What do we lose?
Well, I am struggling here… I’m sure others will help me, but I don’t really see a downside… New players might struggle to have enough troops, I guess, but not for long…


Devs? @sirrian @nimhain could comment on why this was ruled out in previous times?


By having duplicate troops on a line-up, you’re already losing on team bonuses. That’s supposed to be the incentive in place to mix-n-match, pun intended.


Fair comment, except that very few viable teams will be qualifying for team bonuses anyway, and even when they do, in the end game, the extra stats are a drop in the ocean…

I can’t see it being any incentive to avoid duplicates really… not sure the team bonuses are that relevant… and perhaps can work the other way… Maw/Valk/Maw/Soothsayer doesn’t get any bonuses… having to replace a Mab with something else means you could get an extra team bonus if you pop in a divine (Mercy?) or some other match…

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I don’t really see how having duplicates in a line-up is an issue in the first place, tbh.

Also, team bonuses are actually really good for newish players, since they usually don’t benefit from kingdom bonuses or have high-leveled / traited units. It’s only later on that these bonuses seem pretty meh.

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I think having the option to use duplicates gives us more choice and therefore allows for more creativity.

It also leads to cheese (like 4x Astral Spirits, which seriously needs to be fixed), but I think it’s a perfectly fine trade off.

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I’ll back this up as soon as I get and fully trait my Plague to replace one of my Molochs. :smile:
Just kidding. Your idea seems ok with me, been running into Rock worms and Astral Spirit a lot lately.
I think changing Kerberus legendary trait into attacking all of the same troops on the enemy team with his spell would help a bunch with that.
@TaliaParks had a great idea about a new troop that would target all of the same enemy troops, also.

The problem is, some people spend a lot of gems/keys to get multiple copies of mythics, especially Famine and Plague and with that change they become totally useless.

So we probably need new game mode, maybe something like gauntlet where you fight several opponents and can use each troop only once, leading to the entire new experience.


I know a “Survival Mode” has been discussed before, and I agree it’s a great solution to this problem. It also helps the devs by giving players more reasons to max out their troops.

I was thinking not about survival mode, you just use troop once, it doesn’t matter if it survive or not, you cannot use it again.
It could be only game mode that isn’t grind based. Nows like every mode is about grind - PvP, explore, treasure maps, how fast you beat it is the only factor.
Gauntlet that introduce fixed number of opponents and reset daily would be all about strategy.

me thinks the title of this thread should be called “i lost to 4x astral and now im sad” :grin:


Hilarious… if I’d lost any such battle… they’re easy enough to beat, just factor in that you’ll lose your first troop… but it’s annoyingly mindless and time-consuming…

I understand the sentiment, but my double Mab, double Bat, and double Khorvash teams are very enjoyable to play. I love the choice in team building. I understand the sentiment; but offensively speaking, no thanks. Defensively…I get it.


feed them skulls while you dispose of them :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT. I take it back, I’ve just attacked a team of MAW / Astral / Astral / Astral :smiley:

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does that by any chance involve a Valkyrie?

and your dog, cat or Auntie Doris as the fourth troop?

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Valkyrie of course and Aunt Doris doesn’t perform as well as Mercy :grin:

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So of course I’ve been doing just the same… but I don’t think sticking two copies of a powerful (or OP) blue troop with the blue gem maker counts as creative team building… and it’d be about as effective with a Mab and Behemoth, or Bat and Khorvash, if you had to mix them up a little…

I don’t mind seeing 2 x of any given troop in a team, but seeing four of them is just ridiculous, and as already stated…basically a troll team. I don’t really know what a good solution would be but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I never saw another 4 x team ever again.


Honestly, I don’t care if it’s creative. It is efficient and safe. Of course, I could mix it up and I do depending on the match-up. I am simply playing what is available. I have no qualms with adaptation.Again, I understand your sentiment defensively, but offensively no thanks.

Goblins do not use multiple troops.
Certain maw teams use no duplicates.
Probably hurts the twin valk teams, (two mab and a valk or two bats and a valk. 2 blue troops and a valk basicly)

@Nimhain’s defence is always unique and i love playing it on attack. @Sirrian’s defence team has probably changed since i saw it last, sorry but i can not give a good comment on it at this time.[quote=“Treemo, post:7, topic:10451”]
maybe something like gauntlet where you fight several opponents and can use each troop only once, leading to the entire new experience.

you just described arena.


I don’t think they should remove the ability to use 2 of the same troop. There are perfectly fine, non-trollish teams that can be built using two of the same troop. However, I think 4X teams are generally built to troll. I liked Talia’s solution for the issue the best. But, I wouldn’t mind if the devs did a hardcoded limit either.