Please consider "have 3 x" instead of "all x troops" events

The problem being that it is already hard enough for (especially newer) players, and limiting the card choice to for example 4 dragons like this week, we have no way to counter the being frozen on 4/5er moves, that is put on us every other fight, because everyone has queen mag in their teams.

Sure, I can load up 1 dragon to full mana and cleanse 1 ally, but by that time, I’ve been frozen 10 more times.

By allowing us at least 1 other card, we can at least have 1 counter card present.

They did this well on the console, where the tasks used to be “do 10 fights with 4 unique kingdom troops”, but recently this has changed to “do 10 fights with 3 unique kingdom troops”.

You still achieve what you want (I assume people playing dragon cards), but you leave some room for necessary cards.


i guess 3 troops instead of 4 would be nice

but dragons are easy, have you been around when pc/mobile had an event for 4 dwarves? :sweat_smile:


Lol yeah i skipped that one completely

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That was beyond brutal. Super brutal is putting it mildly

Id say we should get a bonus per troop type used.
For example +1 glory for every dragon troop used.

This would allow players to perfectly balance between how many dragons they are willing to use, compared to the bonus they want to get. Want to use 2 dragons? Youll get +2 glory. Want to use all 4? Youll get +4 glory.

Similar goes for any other type and resource. 4 dwarf team for +20 souls? How about +5 (+10 or any number that seems fit) per dwarf used? Sounds much better. Player would still get a benefit from using at least one dwarf, but wouldnt get thw max bonus possible since not using 4 dwarfs.


Or remove unique from the requirement.

I’m not saying that’s a better option, but it is one.

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I don’t know how difficult it would be technically but the developers may be able to utilize the some of programming that already exists that determines your team bonus level for a particular Kingdom & or Type. This would scale based on the number of troops you fielded in that category.

You would then get bonuses for having 2/3/4 troops respectively. (Instead of all/nothing) So for example on console this week (keeping the same bonus) 2= +100, 3= +200 4= +400 Gold.

My original post about the creation of weekly bonus events to encourage a rotating meta.

As a aside: I am so happy they implemented this feature. The developers DO LISTEN to the community! This is just one example.

as far as i know “unique” is not required and was not

i did not test it this week, but i remmember with 4 dwarves i used two doubles of a kind and still was gettign bonus gold from the event

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Unique is not required this week. I’ve been using 2 Krystenaxes and getting my 5 extra glory just fine.

In my opinion, the whole point is to stretch your team-building as a challenge so I’m happy with events as they are, requiring full teams some weeks. I admit some weeks I don’t bother, but all the more credit to those players who do.

The devs have plenty of statistics on participation, so if there’s an event that very few players participate it, you can bet it won’t be repeated.


Disagree with the OP idea. It’s hardly a special event if you can get the prize with the same troop you use every week…

Yup, what he said.

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