We need more kinds of team bonuses

Team bonuses only have 3 major kinds: 4 same mana color; 2-4 troops from the same kingdom; 2-4 troops of the same race. It seems a bit monotonous.

i’m thinking of something like:
when you put Construct troops and Sparkgrinder in one team, the Construct troops recover 1 armor or 1 life every turn if they are damaged;
or when you have two Shadow Dragon in your team, you are immune to poison;
or when you have both Ice Witch and Frost Giant in your team all your troops will not be burned;
or when you have both Dire Wolf and Orion in your team, the first troop of your enemy will be placed a Hunter’s Mark before battle start;
or when you have three exploder troops or more in your team, 2 random gems will be exploded before battle start;
or when you have Elwyn in your team, all female human troops in the team will get a 1 attack bonus;

i think things like these will make the game more attrative; you can also add some debuff punishments, like if you put elf-eater and an elf troop together, elf troop attack -1; or if you put Divine and Undead troops together, your enemy get move fist…


+1 more team bonuses.

Hahaha! But +1 for all these ideas!

I distinctly remember some traits like these in the 1.0.8 abilities - things like ‘gains 1 magic per red troop’ or something.

I love all the unique and interesting team bonuses also.

  • 25% more gold when you have Finley and tyri or alchemist or dwarven miner, up to a max of +75%.

+5 more souls per enemy death when avina and valkyrie are together…

Nice ideas here, yeah… But I suspect the devs will favour more cookie-cutter bonuses that are easier/more time effective to code, rather than these fun bespoke ones

More combos are always welcome.
I had suggested a bonus for empty spots in the roster :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is really brilliant, bro!

Yeah, great idea!

I would like to see bonuses for 2 or more common or rare cards, bonuses for spare spots, bonuses from 4 troops from completely different kingdoms, etc …

It all just adds to the possibly viable combos !


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  1. “The Adventure Begins” + armor or life for having 3 common cards (for starter’s consideration)
  2. “Alliance”: Gives bonus for having 3 or more cards that are from different Kingdoms
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I like your ideas. Perhaps, new players can not understand these combinations. They could describe all these new combinations that are different from standard (3 major kinds: 4 same mana color; 2-4 troops from the same kingdom; 2-4 troops of the same race).

There could even be a bonus for having Lance Knight, Goblin, Luther and the Hero - the selection every player will be guaranteed to have.

Thinking about this… I think many of these will be counter to what I think the devs are trying to do… I like that bonuses encourage you to match troop types or kingdoms, which typically means sacrificing colour mix or good spell synergy etc.

If there were bonuses for building unrelated teams, then most of our old team designs (which are already superior to play with) would be getting stat buffs. I think this would hamper diversity, not help it…


if you have 4 Gorgothas, after they die, a Ancient Gorgotha spawns on your side of the field :smiley:

It’s called Evolved Gorgotha. And if they did do that because of your suggestion, you realize I’d have to kill you, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

No please…