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Any multi bonus teams out there?

Ive got a strong demon team and a strong dragon team, dont have elemaugrim but hes a demon dragon, and it got me thinking about getting two troop type bonuses before the fights even started.

I like playing with multiple bonus teams:

Human Knights:
Trident Banner
Queen Ysabelle
Dark Master

Red Dwarf
Orc’s Banner
Dwarven Slayer
Deep Borer
King Highforge

Stormheim Elemental Giants
Broken Banner
Forest Troll
Jarl Firemantle
Skrymir the Lofty
Hyndla Frostcrown

Grosh-Nak Orc Horde
Banner of Progress

Vampire Swarm (Ghulvania Undead)
Abyssal Banner
Bat Swarm
Crimson Bat

I have a good Maugrim Woods Green Beast team that picks up the color, kingdom and troop-type bonus. I don’t think I have any full double-troop-type bonus teams, though I do have one with 3 human-knights (plus Valkyrie to drive Blue mana).

Broken Spire Elemental Giant
Fire Lizard
Summer’s Fury (Warlord class)
Flame Troll
Stone Giant

Sword’s Edge Human Knight
Knight Coronet
Queen Ysabelle
Champion of Anu
The Devoted.

Yes look into Elemental, any decent new troops has an elemental tag on it.