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There are 28 Troop Types - How come there are barely any teams along Troop lines?

The only Troop Type Teams I see are:

  • Dragons
  • Goblins
  • Dwarves
  • Centaurs

This stands out also because a lot of the troops even have secondary types, which should make it easier to build troop type teams, but we still barely see that.

It is even worse if we consider that we could also have Teams designed around Kingdoms, but that doesn’t happen either.

I don’t see any Teams build around Blighted Lands Kingdoms. Or Drifting Sand, or Mist of Scales, etc.

I get excited if I run into a Naga Team (which I’ve seen two times at all).

Why is that?

I feel like there is a HUGE missed opportunity. I’d love to rock a Daemon Team for once. Or a Pridelands one. (Or Merlandis! I want that one so badly!)

But when I meet them in pvp, they are super weak compared to the meta teams right now.

Am I the only one who thinks the Gem of War team should consider to go through the current set of cards and try to bring them up to standard, so we can have a more diverse meta?

Right now it seems like we have a certain set of cards that are oppressive to the max, making it impossible to build teams that do not have their immense damage, or board clearing abilities. Dragons are certainly guilty of it. There is just too much AOE/Clearing going on. Devour troops are the other thing that really gets in the way of diverse deck building. Why use cards that do 15 single target damage, if you can use a troop that does 20+ to every enemy?

It really stifles creativity, I feel.

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In the early game, the bonuses for fielding a team with type/kingdom bonuses can be quite significant. By the time you get all your kingdoms to level 10 (let alone to five stars of power), the value of those bonuses drops of dramatically compared to synergy between the troops. It would be a non-trivial bit of coding to make those bonuses scale, so it’s probably not worth dev time. I suggest you consider them to be easily-noticed bonuses available to early players; as you play the game more, you should rely on troop interactions that you have discovered rather than the simple type/kingdom bonuses.


You missed Monster (Kraken)

Type teams are often kingdom teams and vice-versa. Dwarves are Khaziel, goblins are from Zaejin. Centaurs are almost entirely Divinion Fields, but I personally haven’t found a really good centaur team setup. Teach me your secrets!

Along with the examples you’ve mentioned, here’s a list of other type/kingdom teams I see on a regular, if sometimes infrequent, basis.

I spent a fair portion of last week getting the sand kicked out of me by some well-built Raksha teams. Sekhma is no joke!

I have a rather effective Stormheim giants team of Jarl Firemantle, Desert Troll, Fire Giant, and Zephyros. It’s not my most competitive team but it can still get me wins in GW and pvp.

I’ve lost to, and had fun using, a Sword’s Edge knight team with Knight Coronet, Ysabelle, and Sir Gwayne.

Grosh’Nak orcs is a rare but recurring sight, with Gar’Nok and Drake Rider being consistent presences.

Last week a fair number of Pridelands raksha teams soundly beat the tar out of me. Sekhma is no joke!

Forest Guardian is often accompanied by other Maugrim Woods beasts, sometimes in a full kingdom/type team like Fenrir, Kerberos, Forest Guardian, Spirit Fox.

Tyri, Bonnie Rose, Johnny Bronze, Pirate is bloody good fun and has 4 rogues, 3 humans, and 3 Blackhawk troops. It’s subpar against endgame teams like Psion/Famine, but those four carried me for several weeks straight and I still keep them in reserve for when I need some treasure maps.

Beast also had a good run with FG/Kerb/GS. And Orcs had 1 week when they were all buffed. But I will say that a lot of these teams only exist due to a 50% starting mana for all trait.

Knights can be super-fun to use, but yeah, they lose against the super-endgame units.
Still, I find them to be a viable alternative. If you don’t limit yourself to Sword’s Edge when making a knight team, you can put Khorvash in there. It’s such a shame he doesn’t profit from Ysabelle’s third trait, but he can serve well in either first or second slot after Knight Coronet. (I enjoy the same team as @Anchovies there, but sometimes switch Knight Coronet out simply because of the lore.)

And those damn Forest Guardian beast teams beat me a lot and I also see them in PVP quite often.

You mentioned wanting a good Daemon team. One of my most used teams for pvp is Gorgotha, Terraxis, Famine, Abynissia.

Sorry, this one requires two mythics :frowning: Whenever you can, blow up the board with Abyn over Gorgotha, part of the key to making it work. I have the most problems against Psion teams with this one.

This Centaur team is working pretty well for me: Artema, Herdmaster, Astral Spirit, Star Gazer. Cast Star on Artema as soon as possible to insure you take advantage of her chance to ignore shield trait. I’m sure there’s better, but this is what I’m rocking for the time being.

I love seeing post on team builds, so I thought I’d share a couple of mine.

You’ve brought up a good topic regarding the bonuses. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I did find that it mostly just helped me in the beginning.

Also, events can help encourage defense teams that are troop based at times (maybe not on purpose). Currently Monster hunting is the event and some people set up teams of all monsters to help others complete the event and to give themselves more revenge rewards. Maybe part of the answer is found somewhere in events.

Incidentally, that’s the team I use for Yellow day during GW and it works very well. I didn’t even realize I’d made a demon team until I ran into a Gard team that got its spell off (and had forgotten Gard silences daemons until then).