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Do we really need 4x of a troop?

Hi guys

I was thinking about the evolution of the game lately and the general topics in the forums that have to do with the all known annoying Meta teams.

I think the root of all problems is the use of many troop copies on a team (see Krak fest, wisps, Kerberoses etc). Why not start thinking of implementing a new game rule that allows only one unique troop per team. Why do we need 4x of a troop?

I think I saw a comment that was saying that the devs will never implement a rule like that, not sure when or where, but as the game evolves and the balance gets even more fragile than before, isn’t the right time to bring up a discussion like that?

Wouldn’t be better for the game, and the importance of each troop to be able to use only one troop card per team?

Think about it. Each card will be valued for exactly what it represents and not for its 2x/3x combined power. Also the teams will be more imaginative (yes Justice League was annoying but still a genius combination of troops) and the players will start use more of the less used troops.

As the troop numbers are raising in the game … do we really need 4x of a troop?


I agree with the sentiment and you will find many supporters of this idea for the competitive modes of the game, PVP and especially GW.

However, for the solo modes, like Explore, I see no reason to not allow 4x there.

My two cents… :wink:

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imo theres rlly more of just a “how fast the ai gains mana” vs any troop problems and yes even with the recent taken 4x surge still mana problem on ai side.


Using more than one unit of its kind is great for setting up derp defences for PvP, like a squad of suicide dwarves or spooky imps trying to morph enemies into wraiths :smiley:



There is nothing wrong with Krystenax/Krystenax/Dragon Soul/Sylvanimora. It is one of the best teams in the games for invading but can still lose and it is strong on defense but still pretty easily beatable. I would be fine with only using one troop per team in GW but not explore/ dungeon battles and PVP.

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IMHO problem with the small team. 4 warriors do not allow to deploy a serious strategy. Therefore, the places in the teams are occupied by individually strong cards. If you prohibit 4 identical cards, they will be changed to 4 different cards, but they will be the same in all teams.

removing possibility to use duplicates from competitive modes is much more complicated

while it may be a potential balance solution,
it also greatly devaluates all extra troop copies owned, to the extent that a huge money could be withdrawn via complaint/ product reclamation done by whales. (not sure how is it called)
they may, and will, want back all the money they spent on extra copies (sure there is some whales who just want the collection, but there sure are also the ones who do it to use those extra copies precisely in the competitive modes and they spent the money for that purpose)

i know, since it was already brought out in past, that there would be ppl who would call for money refund even if the extra copies restriction was only given to a new, not-previously existed, game mode (which i think is overdone but see that the problem would exist even then, while in much lighter state - that would be probably the most possible to implement without too bad consequences for developers)

i believe the game has gone too far to restrict troop amount in alraedy existing modes, unless they want to bankrupt

but i wouldnt mind if new mode with new team building rules was introduced, even if it was called “pvp II ranked & casual” or whatever

on a more bright note, i can say that devs are (or at least were) working on giving some defense variety incentives for guild wars, so at least partially the OP wish may come true


I don’t think restricting the use of troops would be that much of an issue in terms of legally owing money to players. Hearthstone began phasing out entire expansion sets years after the game came out, when those sets were released there were no indications that they would be eventually unusable except in one game mode.

Anyway, I was already supportive of this idea long ago, and I know some of the devs wanted to restrict troops to a single copy when they were just starting to develop the game. Defense variety giving more points in GW will essentially put a soft restriction on multiple copies.

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