Legendaries, Mythics, and Guild Guardians

This is kind of an offshoot of the nerf/buff discussions that have been going on today but I think it’s deserving of its own thread.

The most annoying Bone Dragon team has not one but two Courage cards. The OP Kraken team we’ve been discussing has 2 Krakens. Many people use Kerberos x3 with Forest Guardian.

I think it’s worth discussing card rarities and how they’re being used. A lot of people’s complaints would be solved by simply not allowing a single team to contain more than one legendary or mythic card. And it’s also supported by common sense. Teams with 2 Famines and 2 Deaths are just silly.

I know there’s going to be a lot of opposition to this but rather than nerfing certain troops why not look at how they are being used?


Awesome. SMH

I’m 100% on board with this. I personally would go further and restrict teams to only 1X troops.

There are lots of possibilities/combinations out there, let’s encourage more variety. Adding the weekly events/25% buffs to kingdoms/keyword troops is a great addition. It at least encourages players to use troops they would otherwise never consider. I’m tired of seeing the same high level staleness over and over again. Yeah, I get it, it’s a powerful team. Bravo.

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I sometimes use 4 Death’s as the ultimate lazy explore mode team :smirk:

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That’s terrible. How long are those matches?! :laughing:

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1,337 seconds :sunglasses: