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Multiple defense slots for PvP

To reduce the tedious facing the same team in PvP I suggest creating five defense slots. In those slots you can’t use the same team and can’t use the same troop. Then you face a random team from those five. @Saltypatra @Cyrup is this a viable option for a future update? It would eliminate the constant calls to nerf troops and bring variety to PvP.


Sounds good. I’m tired of fighting 4 bombots, 3 firebombs + hero or sunbird, and ishbaala, infernus, Great Maw (Or rarely Ubastet), and King Highforge.

+1 to this idea. Even 3 dots would be a help.

Not sure if it’s viable (not up to me to decide). But it’s definitely a more technically feasible idea than being able to reorganise team slots in the teams menu - but I’ll add it to the list!

My concern is players putting x5 Divines :wink: How would we stop this? Unique troops offer chances for more points or extra glory?

I would have pvp defense work similar to guild wars, set you defence at start of week using a different team each day, with some kind of bonus for using x amount of different troops.

You stop that by placing a block up that only allows a team to only be used in one slot and also troops can’t be used more than once. This forces people to use 20 unique troop. No bonus necessary.

NO “Mr. Block / Nerf / Forbid /Remove” troops from the game you don’t personally like.

@Cyrup and smart designers offer bonus to players that take advantage of the guidelines. In GW you don’t HAVE to play on color for example. The more on color troops the bigger the bonus.

If there are rewards for using unique troops most players will participate. A few may let the world burn, and that’s fine.


This would help with the constant calls to nerf troops because players wouldn’t constantly be facing the same meta team over and over and over again.

I personally wouldn’t want to encourage people to be forced to use a different team every day, and players may not have the troops, team ideas, time or inclination to set 20 different troops in defence each week. If there was a worthwhile incentive to do so then I’m sure people would do it; not only would that stop the constant Divine teams but would also stop the 4 x fire bomb teams used for revenge battles. Win win for everybody!

It’s not a different team every day. It is 5 team slots that are set until the player makes changes. If someone wants to use the meta team they can use one of the 5 slots for it but none of those troops can be used in any of the other defense slots.

Also to prevent someone from just filling one slot the rest are automatically filled.