Pvp ideas, thoughts and feedback

Here is my idea.

How about like guild wars we get a day to lock in daily defenses for the next day. But we can only use those troops one day for the points or goodies. Whatever they decide.

Anyways it could start monday before you start pvp. As soon as you accept the team it can lock for the day and at the daily reset do it again.

Or go with weekly events and boosts so that you can only pick from that selection, like in raids or invasions.

That was just a thought and maybe we can come up with more.

We can use this thread for the devs to look at and not sort through the sea of threads to get awesome ideas.

Pvp would be a awesome place
to see something new.

Much appreciated and thanks.

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The problem is that there is enough “bookkeeping” going on with GOW right now, I don’t want anymore. Also, not everyone plays everyday.
And (one of) the reasons I loathe Raids & Invasions is that you’re limited in troop selection. I don’t want that creeping in PVP at all.
I understand people are sick of the current divine meta, and the game is’nt helping by having every Mythic released being divine, but this too shall eventually pass.
I still loathe Psion teams, even though it’s rare to see them anymore, but i remember when they were THE meta team. And Kraken teams too. (before Kraken was nerfed).

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If the invade teams won’t change, your defenses will just lose over and over again, also if you don’t attack others your defense team won’t show up after daily reset.
Sorry but I don’t get the point.

Yeah. After thinking about it more it would just be too complex.

Keep pvp as Is. At least with divines, if you’re going to lose the match it usually ends rather fast.

Thanks for reading. If a anyone else has ideas feel free to put them here.

My idea would not work.

I’ve been saying this for a while, lock in your teams at the start of the week, can;t see why it wouldn’t work?

Get bonuses for using different defence teams, but if you don’t want to do it then no problem, you just keep getting the same rewards as currently.

It’s not so much the Divine team that this would affect, but for me the more hated 4 x firebomb team that is just a complete bore.

This I would not like, as said above it’s enough that Raid/Invasion events force you to pick from a pool of troops. In PVP I need to be able to use all the troops I have available for fun factor. We kind of have this in a way anyway, with the daily tasks requiring you to pick a team of constructs etc for a bonus.

You get rewards for winning defensive anyways, why would you put in different teams for different days if the opponents aren’t ‘forced’ to overcome the challenge proposed with different invade teams?
I’m just curios, but this sounds very much like GW itself. Both, yours and the OP’s suggestion.
In it’s roots, the main suggestion could prove to serve a role but it needs a lot of polishing.

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Because the rewards for your defence winning are so small, it’s actually been proven to be more beneficial to lose your defence matches. Hence the 4 x firebomb team, because these defence teams almost always lose you then get more revenge battles, which gives you more rewards in the long run than your defence actually winning.

And the other reason to create some differential in the meta defence teams (i.e. variation of Divine at the moment) that we see constantly. I’m a bad culprit myself, my Divine defence has the best win record of any defence I have ever used. If I was given an incentive (bonuses) to use different defence teams, and create variety for people attacking, then I would do so. That doesn’t mean my defence teams would be a push over, I have various other defence teams that I’m sure would be a challenge to the invaders.