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Get rid of the PvP defence

They should do away with the pvp defences and make it so that you fight a random team that your opponent has created. This would do away with the monotony of playing the same teams every single match over and over again. Keep the set defense in Gw.


PVP grabs a random team from 1 of 30ish teams? I like it. But what’s to stop someone from fielding the same team in 30 spots?

There is nothing to stop someone from doing that other than they would be stuck useing that team in every fight they fought.

You can keep all your slots void and build a team just for the day.

That still eliminates the constant same team over and over and over problem. You would just fight their team of the day.

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That’s a decent suggestion, although you might get easy battles from people’s explore/soul farm teams which is probably not something the devs want.

I would like devs make 30 or 50 teams and they are randomly rotated between the 1,2 and 3 Thropys. And an algorithm that regulates the stats of troops to match players kingdoms bonus. Also in 5 of each 15 matches could be players defense teams.

It would be nice if there was a menu in pvp to create a determined number of defense teams, with no duplicates, and lock it in on a Monday. These teams will appear randomly even when facing the same opponent and give the player some variety. The devs could incentivize this by rewarding those who do create said teams with resources such as gems and diamonds the following Monday each week.


I like this idea immensely. Bring back some variety. Help make PVP great again!

i expect a cut of even half of the gold reward.
no thank you

its fine if pvp is competitive, at least ranked mode. (with its consequences)

but i dont mind if casual is being done easier, including this idea - i probably even would like it (however: lowering in difficulty = shorten win time = less gold offered, im sure devs would also think so…)

So you like playing the same teams over and over and over? This would bring variety back to the game and do alot toward keeping players from quitting the game. I’m very close to quitting as I know alot of other players are as well.

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yes i prefer to play same (harder) teams over for better rewards
when i play pvp (ranked) it is for the rewards

and i think perfect solution would be if ppl had a choice between doing that or doing the easier (with much more variety) fights for lesser rewards

You mean Giant-Kraken-Kraken-Kraken isn’t fun the 50th time? Maybe a queen mab? Or how about that one dragon team or psion and famine, you get it.

Seriously, I only see bout a half dozen teams anymore. Kinda meh. Spice it up. It’s no fun playing the exact same teams over, and over and over and over and over…