Please can we have GW defence team slots?

I have to ask as it’s been bugging me for a while - could we not have a designated GW teams tab for defence within the GW menu?
At least that way we could set our defences for each colour leaving us an extra 6 team slots for attack ideas. I’m vip 5 & I majorly struggle having space for different GW teams, god only knows how newbies or people without the extras from vip get on!
I also think this could alleviate some of the issues around defences not changing or reverting to a different day’s colour, as red day defence, for example would (hopefully) be coded to remain as red day defence regardless of the day of the week changing.
It would also be good (but highly unlikely admittedly) if we could lock in our hero’s class for that defence day at the start of the week - I have seen accusations that some guilds are waiting until the end of the week to complete their GW battles, as the hero class changes to whatever you currently have it set at even after reset? I was under the impression that all defences are locked in at reset then are unable to change, if this isn’t the case this is blatant cheating IMHO…


I’m VIP 0 and not struggling with the less slots. Granted, it would be helpful to have designated slots for guild wars, possibly even a PvP defense slot.

It has been asked for many times before but there is no sign of this being implemented unfortunately. The hero class lock in is the biggest issue imo over all this. Hopefully it can be implemented one day :+1:


There’s always hope…
I have been managing to not pay (the frankly ridiculous) 50 gem fee to change class, but at the very least the classes should lock in at reset surely?

The big issue is utilising different classes for different days, more so when time is limited to get on and change them before reset, regardless if you pay or not to do so. If they were locked in before reset of that day then it would be a big help.

I refuse to pay and have to carefully manage which days I want to use hero and what classes as well as they impact on offense too. I live in hope for such changes :crossed_fingers:

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I think if they can have teams saved for pets we could for gw


Considering the bug that causes changed Defenses to still not save if you play on both PC/mobile. 6 defense team slots built into GW isn’t just a want but a need as well.


For me the solution is to switch the coding for Pet Rescues and Guild War defences :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

For Pet Rescues, I want to be able to access all of the awesome teams that I’ve made, and to switch between fast and strong teams, as the opponents level up.

For Guild Wars, 6 days of defence take up 6 permanent team slots of mine anyway; I just have to rearrange them on the defence screen, which seems unnecessary. I think it makes sense that you would want the same defence team against an offence that will likely contain troops of a certain colour, or to build on what you’ve worked on before. To be safe, and more complicated, a feature to drag and drop defence teams between different days could be added, in case you decide you really want THAT team over here instead. Troops, too.