Guild Wars....Defense team keeps changing. Please fix

Hi devs, every day I have to reset my Guild Wars defense teams for 2weeks straight now. This is not happening to me in PvP. A little frustrating seeing this happen every day.

Lol its like its not saving my teams. I’m also only playing on one device and not multiple.

Are you fighting a battle after you set the teams? or just exiting the game?

If it’s not happening in PVP like he said then it’s not the same bug.

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I was referring to this known issue from the 3.0.1 thread:

I set my guild wars defense team before my battles. I did my five battles and checked to see if my defense team had changed again. Yes it changed again and will not save my team.
Thanks for the help. I will play around with it tonight and see if I can figure out what’s causing it.

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I deleted my previous posts. I think that I figured out the problem. I didn’t set my defense team in advance for each day.

You also have to make absolutely sure you’re committing the changes. Unlike the troop or PVP defense tabs, you have to navigate to the team you want and then hit the button to confirm. I know you’re probably already doing this but it’s worth mentioning.

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I have had GW defence change for no reason:

  • I’ve set my GW defences to the right (troll) team in previous weeks, and not touched my GW defence this week
  • in pvp I’ve not edited my defence either
  • yet on day 1 of GW my GW defence was moved to a single troop defence I’ve not used for ages…

Is the 1-troop defense in the last slot? I had that happen the first week. It didn’t set by default to my PVP defense team, it set it to the team in the 20th slot.


I had previously set them to the team in the last slot, unchanged for some time… until the computer decided to change it for me…