3.0.1 Update and Notes

3.0.1 Notes

Hey everyone! Today we are releasing an update on PC/Mobile. You can download this update now, but you won’t have to do it until the weekly reset. Without further adieu, here are the patch notes! :slight_smile:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed client-side Guild War issues.
  • Corrected Clockwork Knight spell.
  • Fixed the position of Storms on 4:3 devices.
  • Fixed the issue where switching armour or diifficulty didn’t save correctly.
  • Fixed Disenchanting troops not updating soul rewards correctly.
  • Added Dispel Help text.
  • Fixed Necrezza’s spell showing No Target if she is unable to summon a troop.
  • Fixed VIP Points/ Shield not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Team Changes not saving correctly when exiting Troop menu.
  • Fixed Defence team changing when player made changes to Invade team from the pre-battle screen.
  • Fixed Kingdom power not updating correctly when upgrading a troop.
  • Fixed Kingdom Stat not being given out correctly after leveling a kingdom.
  • Fixed Armor changes not being saved.

Known Issues

  • Team changes reverting (if you haven’t fought a battle) in Guild Wars when setting a defence team in or going into a battle.
  • Bonuses Pop Up in Sentinels tab not displaying correct calculations from Other guildmates sentinels. (We’re going to disable the numbers displaying from other players but the final number displayed will be correct amount).
  • After finishing the last battle for the day, the name of the last opponent doesn’t display.
  • Daily XP bonuses not displaying on the World Map (Restarting the game will fix this)
  • Ranking Leaderboard disappears temporarily when Guild War ends for the week.

Extra Notes
When Guild Wars ends it may take some time, probably an hour or more, for the next week of Guild Wars to begin. This is because the game has a lot of data to process in order to set up a week of Guild Wars.


Many good fixes is about to arrive, but this is my favourite. :slight_smile:


Woot bugfix patch! Bring on Guild Wars!


Are there any updates of the Guild Wars?
Like the bonus points for color-of-the-day troop :slight_smile:

@Saltypatra Can you or anyone else expand on what this means and whether or not it’ll be fixed before Tuesday? It sounds like kind of a big deal but maybe I’m just not understanding it.


My guess would be that any changes you make to a team while setting a defense team, or any changes made to a team in the pre-battle screen won’t get saved after battle (and be reverted back to the pre-battle config) if it’s your first battle of the Guild Wars.

But we’ll see what Salty says.

So how can I download the update… I don’t see anything on steam?

it’s gone out for android and iOS, will be available on Steam soon.

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This does not appear to be accurate.

Are you playing on PC or mobile?

On Android, with update

Could you please put some more information about this in our 3.0 Known Issues thread? 3.0 Known Issues

No longer getting an extra traitstone for using Prince Azquila in a PvP battle for the event on Android after this update.

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Our team is aware of this issue and working on a fix now.

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Still not working. Team reverted back. Playing on Android mobile after update. Even tried to restart mobile. [EDIT 1 hour later: Seems to be fixed now.]

GW page tells me to register guild for GW again. I did register earlier, and it was told that earlier registrations would still be valid. I guess I should register again to be safe?

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Some guilds had a slight glitch where their Registered status got set back to 0. This is a display bug only - if you registered before then you should be included in next week’s guild wars. However, there is no harm in hitting the Register button again, if you want to be certain.


My english is a little poor. Do this mean that the fixes won’t apply before the weekly changeover/reset?

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That’s awesome Salty that a fix will be arriving shortly - except this was working all week until some update came down this evening somehow that made it for both pvp and explore to stop working for the event.

And now the Support email says there will be no compensation for this issue? Not ok!

If there is anything in this game that the Devs generally has been AMAZING with it has been the compensations, and I am not saying this to defend the Devs or anything. I am totally fine without a compensation for once.

I like you Taisakat, so don’t take it the wrong way. :slight_smile:

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I am normally very cool about these things since they normally happen during switch over and you don’t loose that much when it has happened as an issue.

However this is Thursday evening. This has been working all week. 2 1/2 days left before the end of the Event. I have only managed to get 45 event stones from the difficult getting Nagas and went to do some stone farming in PVP… both are broken. I play in the evening. I sit on line during the day to chat and collect tribute. But my play time is evening.

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