GW uses too many of my team slots!


I’m not sure about everyone else but I have currently 10 different attack teams and 9 different defense teams. that’s OVER HALF MY TEAM SLOTS!!! I’m sure others probably have even more teams. This actually didn’t bother me when we were doing GW every day but now it’s only once every 3 weeks and over half my team slots are not getting used 2/3 of the time.

Can we get some dedicated GW team slots just like we do in Raid/Invasion/Bounty/Pet Rescue?


That might be fine, as long as they don’t lock them into hidden slots that we can only access during the particular event. Imagine if you could only access your GW teams the way you can access your pet event teams.


Yup pet event need more slot.

I like to try different team but now i need to switch it manually every time it’s so boring. Please give us same slots then pvp


Yeah - all of my pet teams except one are reproduced versions of my existing PVP teams (and I’d make room to have that one a permanent PVP team).


I have 18 GW teams, three of each colour, to be used depending on what opposition I’m facing :slight_smile: