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Testing your team

Could we please have an option to test a team in the troop menu, maybe alongside rename a team. It’s such a pain to have to set it as your def team first before it’s fully tested.


Yes, just wanted to post the same request. Going to “PvP” is not logical and needs too much clicks.

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You can set your defense to whatever you like, unless you are missing troops, and test it that way. Just a suggestion, if not, ask a guildmate to.

You can test defenses out by looking at a players profile and selecting fight. Unless you mean test another way, then put it up In pvp and see how it does.

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That’s what we don’t want to do. Another way to test teams (like the way the op suggested) would be great. Every time i think of a new gw defense, i don’t want it as my main pvp defense. That’s too many steps so i can fight myself (also i don’t want everyone to see it and your rivals can copy and figure out counters days in advance). Obviously this was suggested awhile ago by the op, and i remember someone in my guild asking about it in a stream before i joined, so it doesn’t seem like it’s even on a possible to do list by the devs. It’d still be a great feature though, having to set new defenses to my main pvp defense before they can be tested is a big reason i don’t change mine.

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You could set it as defense, fight it yourself and change it afterwards to your main defense team? + countering guild wars is pretty easy anyways because you can scout before every battle.

Even though it would be convenient I think they should fix a whole bunch of other things first.

And it’s not that hard to set since we have 31 slots or more… I have a feeling that their plate is full and we’ll likely see dawnbringer fixed in the arena before this is ever implemented.
A good thought though.

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