Copy and paste opponent team

It would be great to add this option, especially for gw. You could copy and set it as your defense to practice or just paste it in the guild chat to ask for suggestion. Would be quicker than write everything or manually set team.


But you can already do just that.

How do you do this on console?

Sorry, I do not know. I play only on PC.

You can do this in gw?

I haven’t found this option on PC, yet! :thinking:

I still want this to happen:

Sorry, wow, didn’t realise how many threads had mentioned this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

But I think especially now that we can copy and paste, a “Test” button in the “Manage Team” sub-menu would be awesome (and doubly especially if we could easily copy and paste opponent teams).


Ok im not crazy it’s not something we can do lol

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And you can only do it with players who share the code.
What you’re wanting is the ability to see a defense and get the code for it.


So clear when you say it :stuck_out_tongue:


@Saltypatra is it something planned in future update?

@Saltypatra this option is more than useful. It’s boring to copy a team manually, specially on mobile. Anything planned ?