Testing AI behavior outside of PVP defense teams

So, my suggestion is to have a dedicated button or button press (on consoles) within the troops menu.
Xbox (LT and RT) and PlayStation (L2 and R2) have both unused buttons when watching a teams constellation therein, even PC or any touch device would have room for a ‘fight’ button/interface.

Everyone knows that testing your defense teams within a Guild Wars week hints way to much prior to a given day.
Regarding the bracket system - Even if you don’t know when (the day; now ???) or if at all (due ranks) you’ll fight someone of [X Guild Name]. Though you can assume they’re testing some new things because guild names are still shown within PVP and the bracket ±1 you’re in. And if you spend an hour or two you’ll be fighting the same few persons over and over again.
And something is clearly up when not facing their regular 4x Firebomb team.

Why have this button when you could fight your self or someone talking in global as a test fight?

I’m not talking about attack teams, you can take these everywhere without anyone noticing.
Changed the title accordingly.

ahh ok sounds cool

Honestly even if “just test your defense team” is the answer, it’s weird how hard it is. You always get kicked back out to the map so if you want to try multiple rounds, you have to go back through a multi-step process to set it up.