Team bonuses limited to unique troops

Tucked away in the 1.0.8 patch notes…

[quote]Balance Changes
*Team Bonuses now need unique troops to activate.[/quote]

I, for one, welcome this change even though some of my teams will need a rethink about 2 of the same Troop.

I am so sick of facing 4 Rock Worms and now at least they will die a lot quicker. :smile:


Yeah I noticed this. Maybe we can revert some of the Prismatic Orb nerfs now.

Of course, dragons will still run amok. Which is OK, 'cause they’re dragons.


Yeah, really sad it didn’t happen months ago BEFORE the nerf-a-ton.

For now probably a safe bet all those the changes will not be undone or other real balancing except firefighting Team America style.

To be honest, I’m really not thrilled about that specific change. Before 1.0.7, there were absolutely zero incentive to use duplicates in your line-ups, since they are, obviously, all using the same mana colours. I liked that the patch actually made it viable and enabled players to try out new combos based on duplicates. Now that incentive is gone, and that makes me a little sad.

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Well the incentive for using troops with same color is +25 that color masterie (if you covor all 4 of that color of course). Not huge but better then having brainless 3*troop + orb. It’s a kind of a strategy game, making a good team should require some thinking.

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+1 here. Plus, some troops (Rock Worm, Webspinner, and others) self-power to boot, so there’s still some good reason to use those kind of troops. The kind that don’t really never were useful as multiples in a team even under 1.0.7.

I faced lvl 206 Goblins team as they fully charged traits for all the troops (some reason he got all the traits) against my best team.
It was very hard (Warlord I) and almost lost the battle due to the fully loaded traits. Don’t seems Hero lvl is important matter anymore.
With the traits charged looks like Lvl 200 can easily win against lvl 1000.

Traits… Traits man!

Absolutely welcome this change… and could (should?) have been advertised more widely…

Well done to devs on that one… No more 3x[insert troop name]+Orb rubbish…

That said, I just put out my Mythic Dire Wolves x4 defence team, cos (1) the stats are actually a bit scary and (2) it’s funny…

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well sometimes duplicates might synergise, like duplicate webspinners or venoxias could charge each other, etc… but generally you’d only add a duplicate as a spare in case the first one was killed… I guess the devs prefer to see variety, and I rather agree…[quote=“Archenassa, post:4, topic:2001”]
Now that incentive is gone, and that makes me a little sad

Not with you there, and seems to be the minority view so far, I’m afraid…

Not really. You’re not playing against anybody so no matter how good their team and how much of a stat advantage you can beat them due to stupid AI moves. I’ve watched a webspinner clear the entire board before using it’s ability again allowing me to get a turn and win simply because it was doing match 4+. I’f seen the AI ignore a match 4 and a skull match that would’ve killed me in favor of matching a color it didn’t need.

The game is rather brainless because it’s a 1 player game.

So you want to say you never lose?

Apparently my post is perceived as insulting though it wasn’t meant to be so I edited for people’s viewing pleasure. Feel free to remove as this is now off topic.

@1TruKing, I see your point but try not to be antagonistic to other players. You are perfectly entitled to your opinions, just like others are, and it’s all cool to discuss it, but please be nice, we wouldn’t want the conversation to end up sour.
Also, I agree with most of what you said. It’s just a question of tone. :wink:

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Apparently my post is perceived as insulting though it wasn’t meant to be so I edited for people’s viewing pleasure. Feel free to remove as this is now off topic.

Ok slow down there mate…

1/ There is nothing in your post that screams mental disability so I’m not judging it based on it.
2/ I’m not discriminating against anyone, the other players might have felt antagonistic to you but there was no actual aggression in their wording, at least not from my reading. Please bear in mind that the Internet doesn’t convey the tone of voice employed through writing, and therefore two people interpretations of the same post might vary. Disagreeing is not antagonistic by nature, but using aggressive wording is.

Now I’m sorry if I came across as insensitive, that really wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to make sure that the discussion could continue nicely, since we’re all players of the same game and want to keep enjoying conversations about said game together. Which is better to do before things get heated. There’s nothing personal here, just a reminder to play nice so that said discussions can happen, to the inclusion of everyone, that is all.

That wasn’t very helpful or constructive, I’m afraid, even if the response was worse…

That is unnecessary, as is much of the unhelpful venom in this post. Please do observe the rules FAQ - Gems of War | Forums

Your views are welcome. Others won’t always agree.

If you ever did you would have no place on this forum.[quote=“1TruKing, post:14, topic:2001”]
INTJ personality classification on myers Briggs index

Irrelevant here. You are clearly intelligent enough to not use this as an excuse.

I will call out @DonBoba for his unhelpful and provocative post. @Archenassa wasn’t picking you up for any reason other than your rather rude tirade. None of us have any idea about your mental health, or find it relevant or useful here.

I applaud @Archenassa for keeping her reply polite and sensitive. Well put, you have far greater patience than I.

Well now you do and you choose the ignorant approach. Sorry sir but do some research on it I quite honestly can’t tell the difference in tone. Some people love me some hate me but my tone is the same regardless. So now you’re aware of my very legitimate disability and you choose to target me and show the typical prejudice towards that particular disability. I applaud your attempt to sound enlightened I condemn your condescending comments. Obviously people won’t agree but it doesn’t make it any less valid. This game requires little strategy in its current form. It’s not difficult to build a functional deck or win consistently with the proper cards. Fyi scrub isn’t an insult it’s a pretty common state of mind. Beyond that I honestly don’t know what could be offensive about my post. I even covered that he might find it difficult and I apologize if he does because I find it rather rudimentary.

As for having a place on the forum I’m not sure I do regardless. You’re clearly willfully ignorant of my particular disability. I suppose you tell somebody in a wheelchair that they use it as an excuse for not climbing the stairs. You have double standards among members while you called Don out he she didn’t.

Flagged for being off topic. If you want to talk about people being willfully ignorant of things they literally just heard about, create a topic on the subject.

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I agree with this nerf. I think it should’ve been done in place of the prismatic orb nerf and I think the orb should be revisited with this more obvious fix to the issue.

I have to actually agree with @Archenassa , even though I didn’t think I would on this particular subject. Seeing the 3x teams while not original, DID add more flavor into the game. Now it’s goblins, goblins everywhere.