Some of my teams bonuses seem to have evaporated


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I expected my teams that used to have bonuses to still have bonuses.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Look at my Rock Worm Team that no longer has ANY bonus even though it’s a team of 4 Rock Worms that used to boost their damage and life (I think).

The Rock Worm team isn’t the only team effected, but it’s the most obvious one and easily noticeable.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

It seems pretty self explanatory so I didn’t see the need to screenshot it.


Team Bonuses now need unique troops to activate. You can still get team bonuses, but each troop must be used only one time in the build.

Don’t let that deter you from running teams with duplicates–they can still be quite powerful–but you have to get a bit more creative to get the big pluses, now.


It’s mentioned in the 1.0.8 patch notes under Balance Changes:


Thanks for the link. Well, that explains why all my troops with duplicates do NOT have bonuses anymore. But why then do enemy teams with the same Rock Worm team still have the bonuses? In fact, that is what made me notice it. I was defending against a Rock Worm team who did have bonuses so I brought out my Rock Worm team to go against them and I was severely out classed even though we had the same exact team and I was higher level than the opponent.

That’s what made me look into it in the first place. So to me it seemed the game is bugged if my team does NOT get bonuses, yet an opponent with the exact same team DOES get them.

I really don’t understand the bonuses to begin with, I have no idea how they work or what characters to team together to produce them. Of course, I haven’t read a single patch note since around Halloween or so so this is probably my own fault. But I don’t feel like I should have to research such a simple game every damn week just to play it effectively. lol

Anyway, thanks for the link. I guess I’ll go read to see what the hell is going on.


Bonuses come from different sources, kingdoms can provide 20 pts of stats from lvl10 and double that reaching 5 stars (not expected en masse anytime soon).

Also ascension and + leveling gives worms like 10/10/10 plus, that’s a lot even with missing team/kingdom bonus.

Yeah, and +magic is earned from tarits.


Thank you. I understand a little better now. Maybe I should complete the kingdoms then. LOL I really pay no mind to them for the most part. Unless I want to unlock challenges cuz I need souls, I don’t even do the quests in most of them. I play Arena and PVP for the most part since I didn’t really see the benefit of bothering with the Kingdoms (other than the one I belong to).

I rarely have a team that is all from the same Kingdom anyway (other than duplicates like the Rock Worm team) so I didn’t see the point in grinding all the quests.


Yep, maxing out each kingdom gives you a universal stat boost, it’s definitely worth working towards level 10 on each. Also, any levels you get above 15 give a +1 to all stats except magic for each level, so a level 15 Rock worm and a level 20 mythic (aka totally maxed) rock worm will have very different stats - 5 more armor, 5 more life, and 5 more attack. Quite a difference! And if you include various maxed kingdom bonuses, the margins become wider…


You forgot to mention the ascension bonuses. That’s +5 more to each stat that’s not Magic. =D


Well the +5 armor, +5 life, +5 attack I mentioned are from ascending, so I suppose I forgot to mention the bonuses from actually leveling up… Too many to keep track of! :head explodes:


The opponent team will also get stat bonuses if you play on higher difficulty levels. (Accessible through the Hero screen.)

Not strictly accurate. If your team consisted of, say, Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Chimera, Cockatrice (all Monsters), then you would get the 3-Monster bonus.