To bonus or not to bonus? That is the team's question


So when you are building a team, do you really try to get at least a few team bonuses, either from troop type or home kingdom, or do you find that some combos don’t need it?

I have come across both types, and I’m curious what the rationale is. I am inclined to try to get some bonuses, even if only a small one, when I build a team. However, I keep remembering a team I used before 1.0.7 and miss it, but it wouldn’t get any bonuses, and since I don’t have that many kingdom bonuses active it seems like it just wouldn’t hold up to what most others are fielding. To be fair, I haven’t actually tried it… Because I hesitate.

Also my impression so far is that most of the teams I see without bonuses are legendary heavy, and those cards already have a stat advantage to begin with.

Thoughts? Do you have a particular team that works quite well without any team bonuses? Or do you try to stick to the advantages (and restrictions) that team bonuses offer?


The thing to remember about legendaries is that they also cost more to use. So they’re not all-powerful even if they seem that way.

I definitely tend to steer towards bonuses these days, let alone doing absurd stuff with three of the same troop, with my hero with Prismatic Orb…

Synergetic troops will always be a good choice, bonuses or not. Combos like Gloom + Keeper/Sheggra, Alchemist + Banshee, Templar + Paladin, will all still be strong. Something bonuses are effective at is defending, where the AI’s relative stupidity is compensated for by larger numbers from the buffs.


I kind of feel like bonuses just made it so that there are way more viable strategies. My quick and easy team has no bonuses but is always a winner, and is very fast. Other teams that I might want to needs with night get a bonus putting them on par whereas before .07 they straight up weren’t viable.


I don’t pay attention to bonuses at all. Ability Synergy is way more important for me.


I definitely try to stay away from the lure of putting three or four of the same troops in a lineup. It takes all the fun out of it, and just seems cheap anyway. I much prefer a mixed bag.

Synergy is always what I base my teams on, but what I’m looking for here are thoughts on whether finding that good mix that also has bonuses is important, or if it can sometimes be bypassed.

For example, @Shimrra had a good point, that the team bonuses would be more important for defense teams (that is, if you’re looking for even or better fights in your defenses, which isn’t important for some people - who is it again that leaves one little fortress gate?).

Maybe I will try to come up with some statistics about the teams I come across, concerning whether or not the opposing team has any bonuses and how well their defense held up, though that might be a bit subjective…


Well the new challenge is to find a team that does everything: a team with all of kingdom bonuses, troop type bonuses, actual synergy, some kind of win condition, and ideally a usable mix of mana colors.

Forest of Thorns pulls this off reasonably well with a mix of Gloom, Green Seer, Dryad, and either Treant or a second Gloom. You get 4x Forest of Thorns, 4x Fey, you have Seer and Dryad making green mana for the others, you’ve got two troops boosting attack (and armor) somewhat absurdly so they can one-hit enemies, and five out of six mana colors are used (and Seer can transform brown and Treant can disappear brown).

As an example.


An all goblin line-up fits this challenge pretty well!

Impact has been lessened slightly with the balance change on the gob shaman - but the gob teams are still nifty enough with big stat gains and all those extra turns.


Correction - a team that does everything I just said and isn’t freaking infernal Goblins. Because everybody is tired of them by now, surely.


I think in this regard the goal should be to supply every kingdom with adequate troops to pull of the trick. Right now there are many kingdoms that simply do no have (enough) matching troop types and/or mana coverage. The goblin “problem” just highlighted that there are very few kingdoms that can build a decent team on their own and even less so without using legendaries.


Agreed. And while some do a good job of working as a cohesive team, like the goblins, many kingdoms don’t do as well when the troops are lumped together. I am glad that now there is no limit on the number of troops that a kingdom can have, but I wonder how long it might take to fill all the gaps at the rate of two new troops per month.


A while back, I estimated that they’d basically run out of space to fit new troops by early next year if they kept going at this rate. Now that the sky is the limit, however … would be nice to go back to a troop a week.

Or just straight up add one or two more to every kingdom. Including commons and rares for those who don’t have many (read: Divinion Fields) and more ultras/epics for those ones who were full up to start (Khaziel/Sword’s Edge). They’d just be in chests though, no sense in putting up 20 troops to buy at once.


I really would like some more common/rare troops to come out for old kingdoms.
At the moment, every pack is like “Hmm, another goblin, that makes 30 now, right? Ah, whatever.”


But Mystic Goblin. MYSTIC GOBLIN.

Mystic Goblin aside, some more commons and rares would be cool, especially if they encouraged nifty teams.


Heck, even more ultra-rares would be welcome. There have only ever been a few of them available as weekly event specials, and they have the most potential for decent stats and abilities. But I suppose I’ll take what I can get, and hope that the upgrade system they’ve been hinting at in 1.0.8 adds enough variety to hold us over.


i include a green seer with my gob shaman, gob, and hob. covers an extra color since i dont have gob king and the rocket doesnt really grab me this week. :slight_smile: