Team bonuses - what do you like?

For the most part I’m a huge fan of the team bonuses. They have made me make some fun and interesting teams, that I never would have tried before in the past. Teams like the all Khetar/Undead:

Keeper of souls

It gets:
Master of Magic - +25 purple mastery
King of Bones - +6 armer +1 magic
Undead General - +4 armor +1 magic

Its a lot of fun to play, but would not have been very viable before the team bonuses!

I think some tweaks could occur to make team bonuses better for the game as a whole (exclude duplicate units maybe?) but all in all they have lead to me making and trying out all kinds of fun teams, exactly what I was hoping for in a game like this!

What are your thoughts? Should there be any changes to team bonuses? What are the fun teams youve come up with because of the team bonuses?

Well, on the one hand these synergies make previously bad combinations viable and make you experiment a lot with lower rarity cards (which I appreciate a lot). But on the other hand they do not solve the previous problems and make them even worse imo. Both Webspinner and the pesky goblins were cards that absolutely do not need any buffs or more incentive to play. Webspinner has always been annoying to play against. Granting it extra magic is no help there. And goblins have always been superior to most, if not all comparable troops. Providing them with powerful team buffs further increases their value.


So I just made a pretty fun team:

Sacred Guardian

+25 air mastery
+6 Armor and Life
+1 attack
+1 magic

Dual bonuses 4x whitehelm 4x divine
Its a little slow, but i have been really enjoying it! Nothing like a paladin hitting for 21 on it’s first charge!

Shame on me, but my best synergy team is my Webspinner team:

Goblin Shaman
Boar Rider

+2 Attack and + 6 Life is just ridiculous there.
Before the bonuses were introduced I used the Green Seer instead of the Shaman.

No shame if you enjoy playing with it when you invade…

…but a blight upon you and all your kin if you set it out to defend…

That’s why I placed the webspinner first. I had mercy with my invader and wanted to make things a little bit easier :smile:

I love the concept. I hate the execution.
I pretty much HAVE to scout each opponent I face because if they have a team bonus they suddenly are about twice as strong. As a free and relatively new player I don’t have all the troops and even less of them leveled.
I love a challenge. I hate starting a battle, seeing the line up and realizing I’m a snowball in hell.

@Stix what’s your current lineup? By the time I hit level 35-40, I could hit rank 1 with a farm/board control team (cenetered on Valkyrie and Drake Rider0

Currently Gloomleaf, Sunweaver, Skeleton, Brian.
I can still hit rank one, but I have to really pick and choose my opponents after scouting each one or accept losing 2 out of 3.
Before the update I could just face whatever was presented and at worst lose 1 in 8 when I hit some superlegendary team.

What about subbing out skeleton for Goblin Shaman?

Gloomleaf and Sunweaver are both really strong, but there’s no mana generation/board control here, so you can’t snowball your opponent.

Having transform/create troops are really important in a line up imo; if you can move the board more, you get far more mana.

I second this, or Green Seer would be another great choice. A little more control than goblin shaman, and it wouldnt take brown so your brian could pop more.

He did say he was a newer player; I bet 100k gold he doesn’t have Green Seer.

Ah well, goblin shaman is still a great bet. Green Seer is in keys now woohoo!